Malaga, Spain Day 25

Today I got into Malaga at about 1:30. It was rainy and chilly, and to be honest… I kind of liked it! It was so hot these past few days that it was a nice reprieve. I’m a Vancouver girl damn it, I can handle a little rain! I actually woke up last night at around 3am to rain pounding on the roof. I was dazed and confused, because there wasn’t a cloud in the sky when the sun went down, but apparently that kind of weird weather is normal for Seville. Malaga gets over 300 sunny days a year, so this is not normal for them this time of the year. Malaga is a port town, I actually saw a cruise ship in the harbour when I was at Alcazba.  It’s also the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. He left when he was 19 years old though, and never returned. I wonder why? It’s a pretty place, very tropical, and lots of shopping!
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Rainy Malaga street scene.
The Malaga Alcazaba. This is a fortress that was built in the 11th century by the Moors. Apparently it’s the best preserved one in Spain. It’s built on a hill so it has some fabulous views of the harbour and town. There’s quite a lot of walking involved, and it’s hilly, but nothing too strenuous.  This was one of the cheaper attractions as well, at 2.10 euro. I spent over 20 euro yesterday visiting the 2 palaces and the cathedral. It all adds up rather quickly! Not to mention I bought a dress yesterday, and see below for what else…
The beautiful gardens.
Museo Picasso Malaga. Picasso has always been one of my favourite artists, so when I heard he was from Malaga, I had to come and pay homage to the man. Say what you want about abstract art, this man was a genius. I saw a lot of works in the museum that I’d never seen before. Lots of early paintings and drawings from the 1920’s and 1930’s when he was a much younger man. He was more traditional back then, but you can see the evolution of where his work was going. His work is so gestural, so free form. It’s the kind of painting that I can actually picture him with brush in hand. Some of the paintings look like they literally took 10 minutes to do, and others were more involved. I like the looseness of his work, and no matter where the body parts are “supposed” to go, I think it makes it much more interesting that they are where he wanted them to go instead.
No photos were allowed in this museum.
A shop of sombrero’s!
So someone asked me, “Andrea, why would you go to Malaga, what’s there to do there?” Well, the answer my friends, is shoe shop. I thought Madrid had a lot of shoe stores, well, Malaga is like a shoe Mecca. I’ve never seen so many, and such good shoes in one place. Per capita, I think Malaga has more show stores than Madrid. Really. And yes, I bought 2 pair. So that means I am now carrying with me 1 pair of boots, 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of flip-flops and 2 pairs of sandals. I’m insane. But the first pair I bought today are very comfy and sort of dressy, and the second pair I bought for total comfort. They not super sexy or anything, but they’re also not butt ugly, and that is all I can ask for when it comes to comfortable sandals.
Some pretty random church. I should start a “nun count.” I saw another horde of them today! 


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