Monterosso al Mare, Italy Day 70

Heaven just might be found in Cinque Terre…

All of the churches here are black and white horizontally striped. I think they look pretty cool!

Ohhh, I have the worst sinus headache right now so it’s going to be a short post tonight. So irritating! I decided to just be good to myself today and take it easy again. I did laundry this morning in the nicest laundrette I’ve ever seen! Expensive, but clean and modern and super fast machines!

Then I just headed over to the beach and had a swim and lazed around for a good 3 hours. I had the yummiest salad with lettuce, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and anchovies. Anchovies are a big deal in this region, and I love them so I’ve had my share! 
As I was sitting down for some down time, I noticed a big group of English speaking people having what at first appeared to be a keg party on the beach…It was mostly people in their mid to late twenties I would say, but then I noticed some older people hanging around, more like my parents age. They were playing drinking games, eating pizza and drinking copious quantities of beer. There was this song that must have been on repeat that kept playing over and over and over… I don’t know who it’s by but the refrain was “Come on mother f*ckers, come on,” and I was laughing to myself at all of these white guys trying to be all “gangsta” but totally doing the white dude dance. Hilarious! 
So I’m just watching and trying to figure out what the situation is. Then I saw some champagne come out, and it occurred to me that it was probably a wedding. The information I was able to glean was that it was a wedding, but this was the wedding party AFTER the wedding… The wedding took place at the Four Seasons in Florence and this was part of the after party I guess. 
The bride is a Texan, and the groom is from Winnipeg,  apparently a hockey player in the NHL. Not a Canuck then, I guess… this guy looked like a pro athlete, or someone who just spends a LOT of time working out. He looked like Superman, I sh*t you not! His upper body was almost too big, and compared to all the other guys he almost didn’t look real, if you know what I mean. 
And the kicker? They paid for the 100 guests to come to Italy for the wedding and 2 week s(or something like that) of Italian vacation. Crazy money… Must be nice!

More beach…
LOVE this sign. Cracked me up.
Another church…
Bye bye Cinque Terre. It’s been nice!



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