Montpellier & Carcassonne, France Day 32

*** I appear to have the power of photo uploading back… thank god! Still don’t know what the problem was, but I just altered my photo resolution in my camera to make the images smaller. Go figure!
My day started out so nicely. I had about 3 hours to walk around Montpellier until my train left, so I explored the old city area and did a little shopping and nibbled on pastries along the way. I found this delicious little shop called Etat d’ame. Laura K. I was thinking of you as I was walking around this store, you would have loved it! It was totally your style.  I still can’t get over the way the French present everything. They really make an effort to make whatever it is they’re selling look as beautiful as possible. This store had it down pat. So I had a Montpellier pate tart (yes, with liver!) and anchovy pastry while sitting on the steps of a church, and just watched the world go by. Then I bought some shoes. Yes, more shoes. That now brings my count up to 4. Cheap black leather flip flops in Portugal, cute cheap-ish sandals in Malaga, more expensive fugly comfort sandals in Malaga as well, and now some purple Kickers (sort of like Birkenstocks but cuter.) For some reason I can’t get over the fugliness of the black sandals I bought. When I look down and see them on my feet, I’m almost embarrassed of them. But when I see them in a full length mirror with ,whatever I’m wearing, they actually look kind of cute! It’s weird. Shoe cuteness is obviously important to me, they ARE one of vices! So, long story short, I’ll wear them, because they are extremely comfy, but it’s nice to have a cuter alternative to wear with a skirt or a dress. The black fuglies just won’t do with a dress, no can do.
Great little area in the old town where there are all sorts of artisans, ateliers and neat little shops.
Great little shop where I bought some linens called Etat d’ame.
There is a carousel in practically every town. No joke!
So, I was sad to leave Montpelier so soon, but Carcassonne awaited. I got on the train (that was over an hour late!) and could not get a seat. It was a regional train, so imagine Sky Train at rush hour. Busy, people standing, sitting on the ground, luggage everywhere, awful! It was only a 2 hour ride though, and I managed to get a seat after about ½ an hour. I get to Carcassonne, and I’m dreadfully thirsty s I go to the machine and get a lemon/lime Schweppes. I open it and it spurts all over me, the floor and the wall. Nice. I’m not sure if it’s a sweet drink or flavoured water. Sweet… UGH, now I’m going to be all sticky! Anyone that knows me knows that I hate being sticky. Sticky hands just squick me out! So, I have some wet wipes that finally came in handy! Sometimes my friends, getting there is not half the fun.
But now I am sitting in my hostel room ( yes, I have my own room in a hostel) and I think I prefer hotels. I have to put the sheets on my bed myself! I have to be out of the room from 10:00 until 3:00! There’s  a sign saying don’t eat or drink in your room! I’m not a kid, jeez! And the so-called free wifi doesn’t work at all.  After a full month now of staying in weird hotels, I have to say… I like nice hotels better. (DUH!) I can handle staying in odd little joints, it doesn’t bother me, but after staying at a couple of Fairmont hotels, Pacific Sands in Tofino and Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, it’s hard to go back, you know? I will continue to report on my hotel finds though, it’ll be interesting to see what the next few months brings…


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2 Responses to Montpellier & Carcassonne, France Day 32

  1. Michele May 9, 2011 at 8:19 am #

    Montpellier looks sooo beautiful! I’m with you on the shoe thing—cute shoes are important and it’s kind of a bummer if you’re questioning your shoe’s cuteness factor. Since you’re doing so much walking, though, I guess comfort must come into the equation, so love your sandals for their comfort. 🙂

    I hope the hostel—with paper sheets?!?—is at least cheap.

  2. Andrea May 11, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

    I’ve been told by Jeanette (who I’m staying with right now) that they aren’t as fugly as I think they are. Ther really are so comfortable!

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