Mount Nemrut Tour Day 142

Today was the last day of our tour. What a fun couple of days this was! It’s really great sometimes to not have to think about what you’re going to do yourself, and having such a small group made it feel like it wasn’t really even a tour, more like a group of friends traveling together. I’ll miss my companions! We didn’t have much on the agenda for today as most of the day would be spent driving back to Goreme but we did stop to see the last 128 bald Ibis birds left in existence. We couldn’t get that great a look as we had to be far enough away so they couldn’t smell us (apparently the smell of humans disturbs them) so this one photo will have to do. They live here year round and their numbers are increasing. Every year they send 4 birds with radio collars to migrate (so they don’t forget the route) but this year can only locate 2 of them, so the other 2 might have fallen into a bad fate. I bought a T-shirt and some postcards to support the cause. Most of the money made by souvenir sales goes to protect and feed the birds.
Here’s a photo I procured from the Internet.
Yes, more puppies. But these puppies are special. Apparently they are a special Turkish breed (that no one could tell me the name of) but they will get very, very big when full grown. The dogs here actually all seem to be well taken care of, even the homeless ones. Someone was telling me that the government vaccinates and tags the ears of all the strays. To my eye they look healthier than any I’ve seen in any other country. These little guys had owners though, and were having a nice meal of bread and yogurt.
Petra getting the Arab wrap treatment.
And Angela was talked into it as well. They really like to dress you up here! I’ve already had 3 different people wrap different scarves around my head as well!
Me with a dog I called “Junkyard Dog.” He was the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen in my entire life, he looked like his name should have been Spanky. I always love the underdog though, so I had to give him a little loving.
He doesn’t look all that ugly here. You really had to see him in person.
On the way back we (I!) requested we stop at the ice cream place again. It was every bit as good as it was the first time. I’m going to try and make that when I get home… so so good!
My new room at The Kelebek Hotel. I stayed in one of the fairy chimney rooms the first three nights and decided to try the other room for the last night. I liked this one better. It was quieter and a little bit bigger. Better for a couple, for sure.
Pistachios straight from the tree. You can eat them like this, but it’s a hell of a lot of work. You first have to peel off the soft outer shell, then you’ll find the inner shell (the part that is partially open in a roasted pistachio) but it’s not open pre-roasting so you have to use your teeth to crack it. The nut tastes similar to when it’s roasted, just not as crunchy (or salty.)
A few last shots of the Kelebek. I would recommend this hotel to anyone. It’s beautiful, has a good restaurant, great service, a pool and a fabulous house red. I could have stayed there a week, easy. I spent my last night here sitting on the cushions under the covered deck with the view of fairy chimneys behind me sipping a glass of red wine, watching the kittens play while updating the blog. Life is very, very good in Turkey.
Entrance to some of the rooms.
Entrance to the hotel.


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