Munich to Heidelberg Train Day 77

This is the only photo I have for today. Sad but true! I just thought it was kind of cool that the entire station is a no-smoking zone. Maybe the Europeans will catch on now…

We were on the train for most of the day today. The German countryside between Munich and Heidelberg is beautiful. Farmland, forest, cute little villages. We got to Heidelberg and it started pouring. The weather has really not been very agreeable at all in the past couple of weeks. I don’t mind a little rain, I’m a Vancouver girl after all! But this is kind of a bummer. It’s hard to plan things to do, because you just don’t know what the weather is going to do. We’re making the best of it though!

I haven’t watched TV for over 2 months now, except for the odd bit of Spanish or Italian soap operas once in a while when I have a TV in my room. The hotel we are staying at in Heidelberg is actually quite nice, and has satellite TV. Not only do we have some English channels but we have shows from all over the world. Well, except Canadian TV… didn’t catch any Beachcombers or Littlest Hobo.

Since it was raining we decided to just chill out until it let up a bit, so we surfed through every one of the 215 channels. Most of it was crap, but we found a few gems!

There was the Portuguese Price is Right, also know as O Preco Certo. Oh my god, we were laughing our as*es off at that one. It has this host whose suit is so tight it looks like the front button is going to pop off at any time. He had a sweat rag that he kept pulling out and mopping off his forehead. Really, he looked like a heart attack waiting to happen. The show and the set bears very little resemblance to the American one, but we knew what it was by the music and what few similarities it had. There was this old woman who was playing, and I’m not exactly sure what the game was, but they were dragging out the prize showcase for what seemed like 20 minutes. The host was all over the place, moving out of the camera shot, moving back in. This was driving Paul crazy, because as a cameraman, I guess keeping the people IN the shot is the most important thing.

The poor woman who was on the show was getting no direction as to what to do or where to stand… she just looked like a lost puppy. At one point (for no good reason) the host went into the audience and started talking to people. One guy stood up and started playing the accordion. You would think this would raise the spirits of the sombre, unsmiling audience, but they were just sitting there like planks. So finally, the host reveals whether or not the woman has won the car. She didn’t.

Cue the same loser music that they have in the American one and the woman just wanders off the stage. Whoever was in charge of directing this thing must have fallen asleep or something, it was a gong show! But a very, very funny gong show. Knowing Portuguese was not required to enjoy this.

The host of The Portuguese Price is Right!

Then we found a German reality show called Das Model und der freak. From what I could gather it was a hot girl trying to turn a misfit into a prince. That got boring fast.

But then we found the mother lode of entertainment… the old Batman show with Adam West. I don’t really remember watching these when I was a kid… I was more of a Spiderman kind of girl. You know, the cartoon one. So this was sort of new to me. I’ve seen bits and pieces over the years, but never an entire show. They are BRILLIANT! I just loved the comic book aspect they had… so hilarious. And Batgirl rocked! She was a big part of the show, and so much cooler than Robin. The episode I watched had Joker wanting to be the best surfer on Gotham Point, so he kidnapped Skip (the best surfer in town) and used some top secret device on him to steal his surfing technique. Then he and Batman had a surfing competition, yes in their regular outfits. They didn’t even get wet, it was a miracle!


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