Mykonos, Greece Day 152

Ah, Mykonos. It’s pretty darn nice here. It is THE party island in Greece, which doesn’t totally suit Deb’s and my taste (my true all night party days are way behind me.) I’m more of a sit and have a glass of wine while watching the sunset and have a nice conversation rather than trying to talk over loud music, getting bombed and sloppy and being royally hung over the next day. I save these moments only for very special occasions now, like grad reunions and weddings. It’s also a very gay friendly island, which is depressing Deb because there are all of these cute and truly unavailable men roaming the island. It does make for a very fun atmosphere though, and great people watching. We got in at around 2:00 and our hotel man Nikos picked us up at our ferry. We’re a quick 10 minute walk to Chora (Mykonos town) but we’re on top of a hill so it’s slightly more of a pain in the butt walking back than walking there, especially in the hot sun. We were going to rent mo-peds from our hotel as well, but Nikos warned us against them since we’ve never really done it before. The roads here are very busy with all sorts of people riding quads and mo-peds and there aren’t really any hard and fast rules. Not to mention I’ve seen at least 3 people with seeping road rash from obvious falls. So, the loser cruiser (bus) and shoe leather express (walking) it is!
~ ~ ~
The promenade on the way into town.
There are something like 400 churches on Mykonos Island. And every one is just as cute as this one.
This is pretty well the best place on earth. Deb and I discovered it on our way into town within our first 5 minutes in town. They hand make all of their own filo pastry and make the most delicious baklava, spanikopita and feta cheese pies. They also make the things I’ve really been craving since reading everyones Facebook posts about going to the PNE. That would be mini donuts, my friends. I love them, and was so excited to find these yummy little delicacies in this shop. They are called Loukoumades and are a Greek specialty. Little balls of deep fried dough smothered in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. Heaven on a plate.
Don’t even wonder if they’re like Timbits. Timbits are dreadful in comparison.
Our lovely bakeshop girl. She will get to know us well in the next few days I think.
Yup, another church.
The streets are a maze of white washed buildings with blue and turquoise accents. It’s easy to get lost here, but also easy to get found.
Beautiful honey shop.
It’s the cat of the day!
Our hotel.
Sitting out on the patio enjoying our first Mykonos sunset.


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3 Responses to Mykonos, Greece Day 152

  1. Laurie September 5, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

    Andrea, just want to say I am enjoying your blog so much. I only discovered it about a month ago so still have a lot of catching up to do. Like you, I love to travel. What a 40th year you are having – enjoy the rest of your trip!!!


  2. Anonymous September 6, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    Andrea, With my own travels this summer, I have not taken the time to tell you that your travels, pictures, and writings continue to entertain and inform me. I have also been sending your blogs to my art/architecture/travel-hip mom-in-law since late July, and she loves them as well. Hard to believe you’ll be finished with your odyssey before too long. Enjoy! Betsy in CA

  3. Andrea September 9, 2011 at 12:04 pm #

    @Laurie, welcome to my blog! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I love writing it, and yES, I’m having pretty well the best year of my life!
    @Betsy, thanks for you kind words! I can’t believe it’s almost over either! It’s passed pretty slowly though, for the most part. I’ll be ready to come home at the end of the month, but then ready to take off again in the new year I bet! Now, to find some money for that?!?

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