Mykonos, Greece Day 153

We got up today and headed for the harbour to get the boat over to Delos. Delos is a small barren island a short 25 minute boat ride from Mykonos. This island is an archaeological treasure. You can walk amongst the ruins and really get a feel for what it must have been like to have lived here in its heyday. The mosaic floors really blew my mind, and there are columns, walls and statues littered throughout the site. This islands claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of Apollo (son of Zeus and Leto) and it’s a major sanitary dedicated to him. The island has had human settlements since the Neolithic age, but it was in the 3rd century BC that things really started to get going and by the 1st century BC there were at least 25,000 people living here. Another interesting tidbit is that it was forbidden to give birth or die on the island so pregnant women and the terminally ill were moved to the island of Reineia. I guess that’s when you knew your number was up if you were moved and not due to give birth any time soon…
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It was a really choppy ride over. Actually, it was more like large rolling waves rather than choppy, so much so that they closed the top deck off to passengers. Mykonos in general is very windy actually, but it was so rough that this one poor woman was vomiting in a plastic bag. That was (I’m sure) unpleasant for her, but equally as unpleasant for us because it was a clear plastic bag… ew…not to mention Deb vomits at the mere sight of someone vomiting so thankfully she avoided looking at her, unlike me. Ew.
Yes, I’m a bit obsessed with the mosaic floors. Just think of the people who walked here once upon a time? What were they wearing? What were their worries? How different yet similar were they to us? I’d love to have a time machine…
This is the Oeatpon Theatre.
We climbed to the top of the hill to take in the incredible view. It was so windy up there we almost got blown off the cliff. Seriously. It was fun but just a teensy bit scary, But we survived! Deb’s working on conquering her fear of heights, but getting blown off a cliff is probably not going to help the cause. The wind speed that day was at 34 KPH in the town, so whatever it was on top of that mountain felt like it was tripled.
It was so windy that I discovered a dread lock in my hair.I had to cut it to untangle it!
The museum on site had an incredible array of artifacts. Everything from statues, mosaics, jewellery, tools, oil lamps and fertility symbols.
The lions of the Naxians. They were dedicated to the Sanctuary of Apollo at the end of the 7th century BC. Wrap you head around that. 7TH CENTURY BC!
This was one of two giant penis statues (now lopped off.) We aren’t 100% sure what they were used for, and also couldn’t figure out why there was a chicken carved into the front of the pillar. Any thoughts?
Back in Mykonos town. Doesn’t this image just scream GREECE!
My dress matched the town quite well, I thought.
The windmills of Mykonos viewed from Little Venice. There are all of these great little seaside bars there where you can have a drink and watch the sunset.
Cat of the day! There were at least 7 kitties hanging out on this porch and this little dude was the friendliest.
Sitting on the patio of a bar in little Venice drinking 7 euro Greek beer. So worth it just once. The beer was cheap compared to the cocktails at 12 euro each! We originally wanted to sit RIGHT by the ocean to view the sunset, but the couple that beat us to that table got soaked by a random large wave, so we were happy to be set back a few feet.The sunset still looked just as nice,.
And the sunset… the waves were crashing, the beer was cold and the sky was pink. Doesn’t get much better than this! I was definitely in my happy place. And so was Deb.


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