Mykonos, Greece Day 154

 Today was the first of (I’m sure many) beach days. I’m not a real beach person. I like going to the beach or sitting by the pool once in a while, but the thought of going on a real beach vacation never really appealed to me. Well, that was then, and this is now! Greece might just be the best place for a beach vacation, because the beaches are amazing, AND you can go do some cultural stuff as well. Oh, and shop. And eat. And drink. Yup, it’s all good! Deb has adopted my habit of eating dessert before dinner. Usually dessert number two follows dinner, but we have to walk up the big hill to get to our place, so it all evens out I’m sure. We went to a beach called Platos Yialos today. We had a few to choose from, and this one seemed to be the most quiet and relaxing. From what we understand, Paradise and Super Paradise are big party beaches with people dancing on the tables, drinking heavily and thumping techno music. All this before sunset. I’d love to know what goes on there after dark! We paid for our beach chair/umbrella set and settled in. There was a nice breeze blowing and the water beckoned. Turquoise blue and clear, the water was refreshing and a lot colder than I thought it would be! But once you got in, so nice! There were little fish that would come and nip at your ankles if you stood still. The water here is very salty and I don’t care what anyone says… you are definitely more buoyant in this water! Floaties not required!
~ ~ ~
This is a very family friendly beach (despite the abundance of naked breasts.) Ah, they’re all natural, aren’t they? Well, except for the fake ones, but I digress. So Deb and I were enjoying watching this little boy amuse himself, and make his poor mother chase him around trying to dissuade him from getting into trouble.  He was about 2, and his name was Giovanni. He had taken a liking to Deb and kept coming over to her. We switched chairs and I was laying on my back with my eyes closed and my ear buds in listening to my ipod when suddenly I noticed something blocking my light. I opened my eyes and almost jolted upright because I had this little boys face abut 2 inches from my face staring at me. Oh my god, it was just hilarious. I said,  “Giovanni, you’re already a ladies man!” His mother just nodded in agreement.
~ ~ ~
The only slightly annoying thing was the hawkers. They are relentless. How many times can I tell you that I don’t want a massage, a henna tattoo, pornographic DVD’s, clothes, fake Prada purses, watches  and jewellery?
This is a luxury cruise/sailing ship that’s been docked in the harbour for the past couple of days. At the beach today there were at least four or five 150+ ft yachts moored in the harbour. There is some crazy money in this world. For some…
Back in Mykonos town again! Had a delicious home made gelato (dessert #1) on the way home from the beach.
Ready for a night on the town!
This restaurant had the most incredible looking seafood. Kind of wish we had gone there for dinner rather than the place we went to last night with the overcooked prawns, sort of lame mussels and forced upon us bread and water (that we had to pay for.) This is most definitely a tourist trap town. But a very nice tourist trap town.
Cat of the day!
There is evil eye jewellery EVERYWHERE here (as well as in Turkey) and Deb and I had just been talking about how much some of it kind of freaked us out (there’s just something about those eyes looking at you.) Then she mentioned that the other thing that really freaks her out is clowns. Not two minutes later we’re rounding a corner and what do we see but a CLOWN? And a really freaky looking clown it was! I would have taken a photo of him but that might have sparked a conversation which just might have put Deb over the edge.
Here is the LARGE Mythos beer we bought for 2 euro at the gyro place around the corner from the place we had the 7 euro SMALL beer the night before.


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2 Responses to Mykonos, Greece Day 154

  1. Michele September 7, 2011 at 4:08 pm #

    Totally digging the “Cat of the Day” photos!

    Greece looks amazing! I have always been hesitant about going there because I’ve assumed it’s over-touristy and hot and crowded, but now you’ve shown me that it’s awesome in spite of all of that. I mean, fried cheese, loukoumades, beer, and sunsets? I’m in!

    Do you think everyone assumes you and Deb are lesbians? Not that there’s anything wrong with that… 🙂

  2. Andrea September 9, 2011 at 12:01 pm #

    Michele, I knew you’d get a kick out of the cat of the day! Greece IS a little touristy, but it also feels pretty authentic. The food is great and the weather can’t be beat. And swimming in that water? The best! I don’t think anyone thinks we’re gay… maybe if we went to the island of Lesvos they would! Mykonos is the sland that is full od cute, buff gay MEN! It’s fun.

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