Mykonos, Greece Day 155

It was our last day in Mykonos and upon looking at the guide book we discovered that there wasn’t really too much we wanted to do other than lie on the beach again. Mykonos is great, but word to the wise, 3 nights is enough… not that I was scoffing another day on that beautiful beach. It was hotter today than yesterday, and not as breezy. I have to say, the beach is a lot more pleasant when you have a beach chair and umbrella at your disposal. The main difference today was that the guys selling the junk on the beach were absent. Well, not 100% absent, but we noticed that there weren’t as many, then we noticed a verbal fight break out between one of the guys who worked at our beach and a few of the guys selling stuff. All I could understand in English were the words “pulling a scam.” The guys huffed off, but after about half an hour they slowly returned to pester us again with their fake watches and other crap. Personally I wish they weren’t allowed on the beach. It’s hard to relax when you’re constantly being harassed by people trying to sell you stuff that you don’t want.
After the beach we headed went back to town and had a gelato (yes, dessert before dinner again!) and went back to the hotel to get cleaned up for dinner. We found a great little gyro place and shared our table with some nice Germans. Before I asked where they were from I was pretty sure they were German because it’s common place for them to share a table with strangers at home, so why not in Greece as well? We had a nice chat with them then headed home early. We are so not naughty like the girl at the bake shop we’ve been frequenting keeps advising us to be.  Every time we leave the shop that’s what she says. Then I feel so lame that I’m so NOT being naughty, but whatever, I can be naughty when I get home, right? Deb says she’ll be naughty on Santorini…
The famous Mykonos pelican.
Profiterole gelato.
Cat of the day! His name is Adonis.
We wished we had gone to this place for dinner. How fresh does this look?


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