I’m packed!

OK, I buckled. I did the panicked “Oh my god, my bag isn’t big enough” thing today, and went to The Bay and bought this bad boy. It’s perfect actually… It was on sale, and it’s just *that much* bigger than my other one. I just wasn’t feeling right about having a bag with no […]

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Eat Pray Love?

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times this past year… “You’re doing the Eat, Pray, Love!” Well, yes, and no. I¬†will admit when I read the book 4 years ago I was envious. Mostly I was envious of her job, being a travel writer. I’ve been known to practically weep while […]

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Survival Kit

My friends Christine and Rob gave me this great travel survival kit for my pending departure. It’s incredible how much stuff you need for 6 months away. The packing is the hardest part, for sure! I know I can buy (almost) whatever I need over there, but I’d like to start off at least somewhat […]

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Good Fortune!

I got this fortune in my cookie at the Chinese restaurant last night. I thought it was funny because that is exactly what I wrote in my bio (see right sidebar) the other day, so I’ll take it as a sign.

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1 woman, 179 days, 22 countries.

Oh, the planning! First there was the itinerary. It’s a loose one, but I want to have a good idea of where I should be at what time, rather than just wandering aimlessly (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) I’m still fiddling with it, and thought it was done last month. Now I feel […]

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First post!

So, this is my very first post in my new blog. In T minus 5 months, I’ll be departing on a trip of a lifetime. It’s a trip I wanted to do oh, maybe 20 years ago when I graduated from high school, but never had the money, discipline or courage to do it then. […]

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