Pamukkale, Turkey Day 145

Today I did the most delightful thing… NOTHING! That’s right! I went out for about an hour this morning to town. I had trouble finding town because yesterday I didn’t make my own way to my hotel so I didn’t know what direction to go, so in typical Andrea fashion I tried to get there intuitively, but that never ends well… of course I went the complete opposite direction, and in 38 degree heat, that’s just not fun! Then I get to town and the pharmacy is closed. I really desperately need some deep treatment hair conditioner. My hair is so horribly dry, it’s like straw! But the pharmacy wasn’t open so after deflecting the few men in town trying to sell stuff to me on the street I got back to my hotel, put on my bathing suit and took a dip in the cool spring water.
All of the pools in this area are fed by the natural source (the same as the hot spring.) I sat in the shade and finished my book (My Life in France by Julia Child, given to my by Katie Caldwell-thanks for the good read!) Then I listened to some CBC radio on my ipod and spent a good couple of hours updating the blog. As I was sitting and enjoying myself, this group of guys came to the pool and one of them decided to go swimming. He jumped in and started trying to do the butterfly stroke, but all he was really doing was sloshing water out of the pool and making a lot of noise. Then I saw him blow his nose into the pool. I gave him a look, but he did it again, and again.
Finally I could take no more! I had been planning on getting into the pool again myself, but after seeing him in there it would be impossible for me to enjoy it (gag, gag,gag!) So I say to him, “Do you think you could sniff it in rather than blow it out into the pool?” He looked at me with such confusion on his face. Really? Is it really so hard to understand? English seemed to be the issue, so I sort of had to act it out to make it more clear. I think he got it by the time I was done, but then I wondered if I was being too uppity about the whole thing. Is this what people do at the pool? I don’t know because I don’t go to the pool very often for just this reason.
Once, a long, long time ago I was at the West Van pool doing laps when I noticed something stringy on my face. (I’m gagging as I write this!) It was a loogie. Someone had blown their nose or hocked a loogie in the pool and my face was now in contact with it. I’ll ever get over the grossness of that, ever. So maybe informing the young man today was just doing my part in preventing someone else the same fate.
This is an old textile that I bought in Cappadocia. I can’t say antique because it’s only about 70 years old but it’ll be an antique in about 30 years. It’s a small one and was formerly used as a cushion cover. I’ll probably hang it on the wall.
These are a couple of close up shots of a large rug (also old) that I HAD to have from the same shop. It was made by Kurdish women in Turkey who live close to the Iraq border and is called a Nomadic Cicim. It is 100% wool, hand spun, hand dyed with natural dyes and hand woven and embroidered. Did I mention I love hand made things? This will definitely be hung on the wall, no feetsies on this work of art please! It was love at first sight.
I believe these are an unripened pomegranates.
It’s so freaking hot here that the grapes are turning to raisins on the same vine!
Figs??? They’re small, like 1/2 the size of a baseball.
One of my favourite things! The olives taste better in Turkey than any I’ve ever had. We’ll see how Greece compares… I’m expecting good things!
Most of the porches here have peppers drying on them. They must sell them to the guys at the markets, because they sell them in abundance there.
My hotel’s pool. A very nice way to spend the afternoon.


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