Paris, France Day 7 Part 1

I felt like I should break this day into 2 posts because I took so many pictures at Pere Lachaise Cemetery today that it’s a post all to itself. I have one thing to say – if you like photography, you must come here. I spent over 2 hours walking around, and still didn’t see the whole thing. I took so many pictures, I was actually worried my battery would die! 
I had a map, and wanted to check out Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison, but they both wound up being kind of disappointing mainly because of so called fans defacing their graves. Why would anyone feel the need to leave their mark like that? It’s so disrespectful, and it just kind of bummed me out.
I got there nice and early, because I got a ride with David. It was so peaceful, I can see why it’s a popular place to spend eternity. The hordes of tourists hadn’t gotten there yet, so I was almost on my own in there. I sh*t you not, I saw at least 3 black cats roaming around the grounds, and a murder of crows were making a racket in the trees. It would have been creepy if it wasn’t so sunny and bright out!
Here’s a fun fact…Apparently if your grave isn’t kept in good repair, the cemetery has the right to remove your remains, cremate them and allocate the site to another person. And it doesn’t matter how famous you are. God, I love the French!

Oscar Wilde
Jim Morrison


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