Paris, France Day 8

Well, another amazing day in Paris down… and only one left to go! I still have so much to see, but what I don’t get to tomorrow will just have wait until I return, and return I will!
 This is my new friend Martin (but you have to say it in the French way… MAR-TAN. We’ve become quite fond of each other. He is just one of the sweetest, most affectionate cats I’ve ever met. 
I caught him sleeping in the duvet today.
I finally made it to Versailles. I had to dig deep to even leave the house, to be honest. I have 2 blisters that are killing me, and I’m pretty wiped from all of the walking, the heat and sightseeing I’ve already done. So, at around noon, I finally got my sh*t  together and got going. It’s about 45 minutes to Versailles by Metro and train if you time it right. If you time it wrong (like me) then add another 40 minutes of time waiting for the train. Luckily I had my iphone loaded with 6 episodes of CBC’s The Debaters, so I at least had some entertainment while I waited! (Seriously funny entertainment!)
Versailles was exactly what I thought it would be. Very large, impressive and gilded! But the crowds! Oh my god, it was a crush of people walking through the grand palace, and I was sort of tired and cranky, and just couldn’t take getting shoved around, so I spent most of time outside in the gardens. They are truly spectacular, and despite the crowds inside, relatively quiet. I could just see Marie Antoinette flitting around those gardens with her giant hair and little sun umbrella.
So after dinner David asked if I’d like to have another ride on the scooter (um, let me think about it… hell yeah!)  and took me on the best Paris at Night tour ever! My camera takes kind of crap pictures at night, so I was surprised this photo of the Eiffel Tower turned out so well. We saw pretty well all of the major landmarks, most of them I’ve now seen during the day, but did they ever look different at night. The Eiffel Tower is magnificent! I’m going to go and climb the stairs tomorrow, but this was a very nice introduction to it. I’ll be sad to leave Paris, but excited to see Normandy and have a little quiet time… did I mention there are a hell of a lot of people here?


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