Paros, Greece Day 157

***WARNING! Kitty heavy post! Meow.

Deb keeps reassuring me I’m not a crazy cat lady, but I don’t know… I love them so much! And kittens? There is nothing cuter, except maybe puppies.  So we got up nice and early to head over to the small island of Antiparos off the coast of Paros where there is a cave system that you can have a tour through. You know I like caves so I was excited about it. It’s just a 20 minute bus ride to take the ferry to Antiparos , then when you got off there’s a shuttle bus waiting to drive you the 15 minutes to the caves. VERY organised for a country that is constantly on strike these days! On that note, we had a very interesting conversation with the owner of the hotel we were staying at about all of the problems Greece is having and she said, “Greece would be fine if it weren’t for the Greek people. I’m saying this, and I’m Greek!” She says that business is way down this summer because of the strikes and riots and doesn’t see things getting better anytime soon. It’s a shame, because what a beautiful country this is, with so much history!

~ ~ ~
I don’t know what kind of plant this is but isn’t it beautiful?
On the ferry to Antiparos.
The view from the highest point of the island where the caves are located.
There were 411 steps down, and no elevator back up. It was a pretty good workout, and despite the fact that that it was underground, not all that cool. The cave has a long history. It’s been used as a refuge and a place of worship, then in the 4th century Macedonian Generals took refuge in it after their conspiracy against Alexander the Great. Exploration of the cave started in the 15th century, and the stalagmite in the entrance to the cave is considered to be the oldest one if Europe, at approx. 45 million years old. This is the only cave I’ve been in that hasn’t been a guided tour. What that means is that people can break, touch and deface the natural wonders inside. Why oh why do people insist on marking their names on things? Do they think anyone else will ever care? Is it their own way of making their mark? It would just never occur to me to carve my name or initials into a tree, a stalagmite or anything else for that matter.
~ ~ ~
The cave goes underground for 100 metres.
See the graffiti?
We made it out! I was wearing the most idiotic outfit today. My swimsuit cover up with my bathing suit and sneakers. I looked like a clown, seriously.
The town of Antiparos.
There wasn’t too much to it. Just some shops and restaurants.
These are my CATS of the day. I came across these two sharing a chair and couldn’t resist. This is Marmalade and Marmalade Jr.
The flowers are gorgeous here. HUGE and colourful. The red one is Hibiscus.
We were sitting by the pool after we got back from the caves and I decided to go over to the opposite side of where we were sitting to take some photos of the flowers seen above. I snapped a couple of shots when I suddenly noticed some movement on the patio a few steps below me. This little face was peering out at me from the bushes, then another and finally all four made their presence known. It reminded me of that scene in The Wizard of Oz when the munchkins all start emerging after Dorothy has landed her house on the witch. They were tentative at first, then after they realised we were OK, they were all over us. I could have spent hours playing with them, kittens are like a drug to me, I can’t get enough! They must have been maybe a month old? Their eyes were still baby blue, but I could see some yellow coming into the orange ones eyes already. Grouchypants (the cat that had been bullying the other cats the day before) came waltzing over and lay down, and I realised that HE was a SHE and she wasn’t a grouchypants, just a protective mother! Now it makes sense, she was chasing the other cats to keep them away from her babies. How sweet is that? I love grouchypants again.
~ ~ ~
We named the boys Snap, Crackle and Pop and the girl we called Sugar.
This is the one I would have taken home with me. Actually, I could have taken them all, but then I really would be a crazy cat lady. I’m trying to delay that moniker until senility sets in.
After a good kitten play we headed back to Parikia for a stroll and some dinner. We really wanted to try some Paros wine and had seen a nice patio in town that was really busy the night before. They had some Greek food, but mostly it was crepes, pasta, sandwiches and desserts, so we decided it was a pasta night. Our dinner was great, and our wine was even better. It was a nice light red, not even sure of the grape. What I am sure of is that they fill your glass almost to the rim! We sat there a good three hours eating, drinking and people watching. Our hotel in Paros charged 3 euro an hour for wifi, so I hadn’t been able to update the blog, but this restaurant had a great connection so I was able to update it while sitting in a beautiful setting enjoying my glass of wine.


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  1. Anonymous September 9, 2011 at 8:53 pm #

    Okay, tough love time. I am your sister and you know I always speak the truth. Crazy. Cat. Lady. Does Paul know he’s marrying a potential cat hoarder? 🙂


  2. Andrea September 10, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

    I’m just going to leave my cat sanctuary to you when I die, so you’ll have that to look forward to!

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