Prague, Czech Republic Day 121

Today I did something that I haven’t yet done on this trip. Nothing. That’s right! I’m in Prague, one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world and I accomplishing squat. I’m still dealing with the guilt of the nothingness, but clearly I needed a day off. I’m not a robot! I can only do so much! That’s what I keep telling myself anyways. I started to get ready to head out at about 11:30. Took a shower, then sat on my bed and started reading my book. An hour later I started thinking I should get dressed. The days a wasting! 2 hours later, I’m still lounging in my jammies, looking online researching whether or not a person can bake things in their own kitchen and sell them (YES, you can!) I’d thought that you couldn’t, but if you do farmers markets you can apply for a permit. The only hitch is that you must display a sign letting people know that the goods were not prepared in a professional kitchen. Good to know! By now it was like, 4:00. I hadn’t even had breakfast or lunch-just nuts! Thank god for my squirrel stash. Anyways, I got my butt out the door and went and walked around the Jewish Quarter. I had been planning on visiting all of the sites in the Jewish Quarter today (there is a really interesting Jewish cemetery that I wanted to see) but I didn’t have time before they closed up, as you have to pay to see all of the sites. I’ll be in Prague again, this much I know. I guess that’s why I’m not feeling too uptight about trying to see ever last thing here. I want to save some stuff for next time.
~ ~ ~
In the main square in old town there are all of these stands selling slabs of pork with bread. They’re really not all that big on green vegetables here.
Beautiful sidewalks.
Jewish Quarter.
Guilty. Not only did I do nothing today, I ended my day with a box of crap! But my god, did it ever taste good. I’ve been eating so much of the same thing, I really needed some familiar salty grease with eleven herbs and spices. The cole slaw tasted different though, and there were carrot bits in it! Not that I’m complaining, I need all the veggies I can get right now!
It was a gorgeous Prague summer evening.
This is a balloon that seats two and for about 60 euro you can go up for 15 minutes. I wanted to but just couldn’t justify the money. Besides, I’m doing a real hot air balloon ride in Turkey, so I’ll save myself for that.
I’ve taken to finding places to lay down. Benches, grassy patches, ledges.
Photo taken while laying down.
Awesome puppet master on Karl’s Bridge.
Once upon a time I would have been excited by the prospect of this. Now? Not so much. Well, maybe if I had my girls with me!
Enjoying a cold one on the rooftop deck of my boatel.
And just like that… the day is over.


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