Prague to Kutna Hora Train Day 122

Bye bye Prague! I got up this morning feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed (must have been all the nuts I ate the day before…) and headed to the metro to get to the train station. I realised that I didn’t have any coins, but figured that the machines must take bills. The ones in Berlin did. I soon find out that the machines do not take bills, but there’s a booth with a woman in it selling tickets as well so I head over to her and tell her the ticket I want (with difficulty, no English) and hand her a bill. She throws it back in my face and says (in perfect English) “NO BILLS!” I just look back and say, “no bills, REALLY?” I couldn’t hide my disdain. My eyes were a-rollin’ and I think I might have said something like, “well, that’s mental!” and huffed off. Yes, I reacted like a cranky teenager. WHY have a person in a booth alongside the machines that only take coins, and not accept paper money? It doesn’t make any sense!  So I go to the store across the way and buy a bottle of water to get change.
 Then I get to the train station and need to find out if I need a reservation to get to Kutna Hora and I swear, I get the metro ladies evil-er twin. Holy service without a smile batman! Most of the train stations I’ve been to have been great. Even when you don’t need a reservation they’ll do a printout of the train times and changes. This woman didn’t even want to take the time to let me write down what she was rattling off to me in broken English. So, in usual Andrea fashion, I force her to tell me (slowly) what the train time is where to catch it. So there!
So I was feeling pretty cranky after these two annoying exchanges with service personnel in the transportation department so I thought what better way to cheer myself up than with a little shopping? I really needed to buy some new shampoo and conditioner. I bought some no name brands in drug stores when I was in Germany, and one or the other did not agree with my scalp. I noticed a dry patch behind one ear, then behind the other ear. Then I noticed a flake here, a flake there, a flake a flake everywhere! Oh my god! I’ve never had dandruff before; it must be an allergic reaction to something. I also thought it might be my sunglasses, because the dry rash started behind my ears. So, new sunglasses will be purchased as well just to be safe. So there is this store that can be found everywhere in Prague called Manufactura. It is all natural body care products and gift items, so I treated myself to all natural red wine shampoo and conditioner. They also had beer products as well, but I liked the smell of the wine ones better. Not sure if its working yet, but I’m hoping that will be the key! I still had about an hour to wait for my train so I put a little Peaceful Easy Feeling by the Eagles on my IPhone and let the music melt away my stress. It’s amazing how therapeutic music can be; it really calms me when I’m wound up. It’s funny how things are stressing me out more now than they did at the beginning of the trip. I think my patience is just running low, and I need to remember my mantra from the beginning of my travels. “Wherever I wind up is fine with me.
Having a little after dinner wander around Kutna Hora.
Still art with sneaker.


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