Road Trip in Stop Motion

I had this little kernel of an idea as I was sitting in the customs lineup at the border about making a stop motion video about this road trip. I knew we were going to drive through so many different types of weather and terrain that it would be kind of cool to stitch it all together into a 3 minute time span.

It was icy and snowy, dry and arid and windy and rainy. Yup, we pretty well had it all!

road trip

Cold and snowy in Utah.

road trip

Dry and arid in Arizona.

road trip

Windy and rainy in Washington.

The other great thing about doing a trip like this are the people you get to visit along the way. Our friend and fellow blogger Jai flew to Phoenix to continue on with us from there.  You can check out her website HERE .

road trip

Jai and I saying goodbye to Los Angeles.

road trip

Travel bloggers doing what travel bloggers do. Photo by Jeff Broman of GoTravelzing

road trip

I apparently photo bombed Jeff’s creative selfie. Photo by Jeff Broman of GoTravelzing

In Phoenix we stayed with Jeff Broman of Go Travelzing. He took us to the Desert Botanical Garden where we got to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit which was pretty amazing. Check out his site and post about our visit HERE and you can read Jai’s post about it HERE

 In Los Angeles we met up with our friend Arnette of RTWGirl and were the “ladies who lunch” in Santa Monica for the day. I’m very sad that we didn’t get a photo with her. We were having too much fun catching up and it got away from us but you can check out her travel site HERE.  I also got to spend 2 nights with my good friend Lisa who moved to LA last year and she introduced me to the wonderful world of the croinut at a local place in Torrance called Capicola’s. Part doughnut, part croissant, all good. (Well, except for the price…I think $5 is a bit steep for a doughnut.)

road trip

Croinuts in LA.

Plus, I got to hang out with her little person which is always fun!

road trip

Good friends are the best! Lisa, Steve and Shiloh.

 Our last big city was San Francisco and we had a coffee date with Keane, another traveler/friend. We were in the lower Haight area of the city and he took us to a cool little coffee house called Cafe du Soleil. You can  see his website HERE

road trip

Keane and Jai at the cafe.


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