San Sebastian, Spain Day 15

I had a full day in San Sebastian, owing to the fact that I had to come out of the closet at 7am. (I never thought I’d say that sentence! hee) Yup, an early start to the day, but I’d gone to so much effort to get there I was going to see it all dammit! The places I visited in France had twisty turvy streets and lanes that curve and go every which way, but San Sebastian is very grid-like with straight streets and lots of churches and the beaches to use as landmarks. It would impossible to get lost here! I was going to make my idiot hotel take my bag for the day, since he left me in the cold the night before I thought he owed me, but he still wasn’t there at 9:30 am! Isn’t anyone checking out of this hole? He will be getting a scathing trip advisor review from me, let me tell you.
So I had to drag “The Albatross” around all day, which really sucked, but I just made the best of it and took many opportunities to just sit on benches and people watch. That’s pretty well what I did all day. Walk. Sit, Eat gelato. Walk some more. Sit. Spend half an hour watching some birds take a bath. Eat pinchos.
What are pincho’s you ask? Well, the guy I  met on the train the night before told me about them. They are a regional Basque specialty, and they’re like tapas, but smaller and served in almost every bar, from what I could tell. I found a place that looked busy and had seating outside and decided to go for it. I have to tell you, navigating all of these new things alone is intimidating. I don’t know the protocol or the language, so I can’t even really ask for help. All I can do is observe and try and figure out how it all works… then hopefully get it right. So I walk in, there are all of these little plates of food on the bar with tooth picks sticking out of them, so I assume you just grab a plate and start picking? I had prawns in a cornmeal batter, sardines with a red pepper relish on a piece of crunchy buttery baguette. (This was one of my favourites, the sardines were nice and vinegary.) Next I had a combination of an olive, an anchovy and some hot peppers, that was salty and delicious! And the most boring thing I had was a cured meat in a mini baguette, it was good but I really just needed something substantial before I got on the rain that afternoon. Having said that, you really can’t go wrong with cured meat and bread in my humble opinion, see a photo in the foodie section!
~ ~ ~
One of the beaches of San Sebastian.
San Vicente, the oldest church of San Sebastian. It’s in the Gothic style and was built in the 16th century.
Santa Maria Church. There was a gypsy guy begging outside. They definitely have a presence here.  
The beach on the other side of town where the surfers and kayakers hang out. There were some OK waves, but not too many people were actually surfing, more boogie boarding.
The streets of San Sebastian.
I thought this was funny. They sold crepes and maple syrup!
San Sebastian is really lush, green and hilly. I would have walked up to the top of the hill that has the large statue of Jesus on it, but “The Albatross” wouldn’t let me.
One of the many bars that do the pinchos! (Pintxos in the Basque language)
View of the river. There are at least 3 bridges crossing it.
So, in short, I probably would have enjoyed San Sebastian more if it weren’t for the night before, but despite that I thought it was a really nice little town with super friendly people and GREAT food! I could have probably used one more day to see the things I didn’t see, but just to walk around the old center, one day will do you.


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