Sandefjord Norway Day 97

It is so beautiful here. So far Norway is just what I expected. So cute and charming with weather I am used to… a mixed bag! It’s sunny, it’s cloudy, is that a raindrop? I wish I brought some sunscreen! Yup, sounds like Vancouver alright! It was Sunday, and pretty well everything is closed on Sunday here, except this town that is pretty close by Sandefjord called Stavern. It’s a harbour town that has a lot of visitors in July, so it’s in their best interest to keep the shops and restaurants open every day when the people are here, and have money to spend. There are a lot of small art galleries in the town, with some very interesting work. I really love Scandinavian design and found a couple of artists today who were doing some really great work. This one artist by the name of Jan Olav Forberg was doing graffiti style stencil art. I was totally blown away by it. Here’s his website if you want to have a peek.

Me and Michele!

This was a restaurant on the wharf that had such a cute but confusing logo. Is it meat? Is it fish? Even more confusing was that it said that they served a taco buffet on the side of the building. Just WHAT are they serving here?

One of the art galleries.

This was a glass gallery called Galleri Glass Huffa. This isn’t the best picture, but I just had to show it because it totally made us laugh. It’s interactive art… use the bicycle pump and you blow up *certain* body parts.  (They’re balloons, look closely!)

There was this cute little brown otter (it looked like a baby) running along this canal getting dive bombed by seagulls.

Reproduction of a viking ship.

It was windy enough to fly a kite today! I’m pretty happy I wasn’t taking the ferry today. It was much windier and the boats heading out of the harbour were rocking and rolling pretty badly.

This reminds me a little bit of Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia.

It was a great way to spend a Sunday. We had ice cream cones and strolled around town and did some people watching, art watching and dog watching. Oh, there were some cute pooches in town!When we got back I made them some of my Cranberry and Chocolate Biscotti and we had a fabulous trout dinner courtesy of Michele’s husband Ian. I’ve really been missing being able to cook and bake, so I’ve been taking advantage of my friends kitchens when I’ve been able. I made Karin and Manfred my favourite lentil soup, and a tabbouleh salad at Katie’s. Who thought I would MISS cooking?


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3 Responses to Sandefjord Norway Day 97

  1. Anonymous July 11, 2011 at 7:10 am #

    I think that the reason you miss cooking is because cooking is what truly connects us all. Who doesn’t like a great biscotti, c’mon???? Making something delicious is such a loving thing to do – it tells people that you care enough about them to spend the time to create a sumptuous bite for them. And it doesn’t matter if it is someone you have just connected with or if it is someone you have known since birth. I love cooking – it communicates better than anything I know.
    Love and cookies Mom

  2. Andrea July 31, 2011 at 3:44 pm #

    Totally agree mom! Nothing like showing your love with sugar and butter!


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