Sandefjord to Bergen, Norway Train Day 98

Today Michele and I had a long 9 hour train ride to Bergen. It didn’t seem that long though because we are chatty girls, and the time just flew by. The man across the aisle from us actually asked us to be quiet because he was reading. Um, OK, here’s the thing…. #1. We weren’t talking very loud. If anything, we were actually being fairly quiet. #2. It wasn’t a quiet car. If you want silence my friend, you have to go and find the quiet car with “Shhh” signs and no one making a peep.  Michele told him in Norwegian that it wasn’t a quiet car, then realized that he wasn’t Norwegian and told him in English. He didn’t look too impressed that we weren’t just going to do as he asked but we did speak a little quieter, but I felt a little resentful, I have to say. I’ve listened to a lot of one sided cell phone calls, teenagers yelling, babies screaming,  people from all over the world having loud conversations on the train. Suck it up dude! It’s MY turn to talk! I’d been relegated to talking to myself for over 2 months! It’s MY turn… OK, rant over!

This was by far one of the most scenic train rides I’ve taken in the past 3 months. Norway is staggeringly beautiful. Reminds me a lot of home, actually.

I took some photos with my iphone using the Hipstamatic app. The iphone seems to take better photos from a moving vehicle than my regular camera for some reason…


Here we are in drizzly Bergen! Yup, definitely feels like home now! Bergen is called the city of rain and gets an average of 2250 mm a year. It’s also warmer than other parts of Norway because of the gulf stream. Vancouver only gets just under 1200 mm of rain annually, so I guess Bergen beats us there.

This is a photo that I took after we had dinner. We found a great little Mexican place where we probably spent way too much money on a quesadilla and beer, but hey, it’s Norway! This photo was taken at 10:15 pm. It was overcast and drizzly, and I would have sworn it was actually 6:00 rather than 10:00. I did a little research about the sunrise and sunset of Bergen vs. Vancouver, because it’s really kind of blowing my mind just how light it stays until so late! I put Stockholm in there as well since it’s my next destination. These stats are for July 15.
VANCOUVER – Sunrise 5:23am Sunset 9:13pm
BERGEN – Sunrise 4:38am  Sunset 10:50 pm
STOCKHOLM – Sunrise 3:57am Sunset 9:50pm
I’m glad to see that I’m not just imagining things… the sun goes down almost 2 hours later than it does in Vancouver. Interesting that the sun rises in Stockholm almost an hour earlier than it does in Bergen as well!


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2 Responses to Sandefjord to Bergen, Norway Train Day 98

  1. Trigve July 17, 2011 at 1:17 pm #

    Hey Andrea!
    Thanks for all the lovely compliments about Norway. I can’t believe that guy asked you to quiet for just talking! What an ass…

  2. Andrea July 31, 2011 at 3:43 pm #

    Total ass! I am not the *quietest* person, it is true, but in this case we weren’t talking very loud, honest! (:

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