Sandefjord to Karlstad Train Day 101

Sadly, I left Sandefjord today. You know what this means, don’t you? I have to re-learn all of my traveling alone habits! Eating alone, shopping alone, finding people to talk to! Ah, I’ve been so spoiled for the past month! First it was Paul in Germany, then Katie and Jared in Amsterdam, then Karin and Manfred in Germany and last (but not least!) Michele and Ian in Norway. Now I’m alone again until Sept. 1 when Deb comes.
I love traveling alone, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I’ve REALLY enjoyed the company I’ve had in the past month. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll find people to talk to again… Michele packed me a lovely lunch and drove me to the train station. Once again I thought I had left my camera at her house, so she went running off to see if she could find it at home. I managed to catch her before she drove off because (of course) I found it in my OTHER bag. What’s the matter with me?I’m becoming lazy and complacent! Now is not the time to start losing it… need my wits for Eastern Europe and Turkey!

This is Gunnar, Michele and Ian’s very shy kitty. He was getting braver around me as the days went on. I forgot to get a photo of their other cat Frieda! Sorry Frieda…

This is all I saw of Oslo. We were going to go there the day before we left for Bergen but decided to go to Stavern instead. It’s OK, I will definitely be back in Norway one day and Oslo will get a visit then. The Oslo train station is a train wreck right now. They are replacing or repairing the track or something, so you have to take a series of buses to get in and out of the station. They have it pretty well organized, but it’s still a bit confusing and just kind of inconvenient. I figured it all out though and was on my merry way to Sweden.
While I was in the train station I had some time to kill and decided to peruse the book store. They had a great selection of English books, and since I’m all alone for the next little while I thought I better get a couple of new books. Now I wish I had taken the Jonathan Franzen book Michele had offered me too! Darn! Anyways, they had a “buy two get the third book free” deal going on. Yes, that is a lot of weight to lug around (which I’m always trying to avoid) but I have to face the facts… I need reading material. I go crazy when I have nothing to read, so I’ll just have to deal with it! The Albatross is heavy no matter what, so it’s a losing battle.
I just started reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, and I must say that I’m really enjoying it!  Now that I’m engaged, this book is definitely being read in a whole new way than it would have been a year ago. I never really thought I’d ever get married, and am excited at the prospect of it, but I too have similar questions about what it means to be married, the secret to staying married and what the other person’s role is as a husband and /or wife. She does a lot of research on the history of marriage and other cultures views on marriage, arranged or otherwise. I’m sort of feeling like this book could almost be like required reading for all newly engaged couples because it’s an easy read, entertaining and very, very informative.
Alice Munro! One of my faves. She truly is the modern master of the short story. And Canadian to boot!
I saw this film a few years ago, and it was outstanding. I love, love, love Ian McEwan. Atonement slayed me. And it sparked and interest in WWII to the point that I was compelled to go to the Juno Beach Memorial in France when I was there in April. I’m sure the book won’t disappoint, and enough time has passed that I’ve more or less forgotten what happened in the movie. (oh, who am I kidding? I forget the ending of a movie the very next day sometimes!)


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