Santorini, Greece Day 161

Ah, beach day on Santorini. I’m going to be re-living this day when I’m back in Vancouver on a cold, gray. soggy day and thinking wistfully of the beach. And the beer. And the food. Yes, Greece is good. This is one of the black sand beaches on the island. It’s not entirely accurate to call it sand though, it’s more tiny black pebbles. The water was cool, but not frigid and so refreshing on a 32 degree day. We started off by taking pretty well ALL of our clothes to the laundrette. They do it for you for 8 euro. We were able to combine ours and once again I have clean clothes not washed by me in a sink! 
~ ~ ~
This is basically what we did all day. Sat and stared at this view, nodded off, had a milkshake and got a healthy (maybe a bit TOO healthy) dose of Vitamin D.
They have the boardwalk to walk on because that black sand scalds your bare feet. When you see people running to the water, it’s not because they’re happy and excited to be at the beach. It’s because the skin of their feet is sizzling!
Deb at sunset.
This is the cat of the day. He wouldn’t sit still so this was about as good as it got. We named him Nacho.


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