Santorini to Crete, Greece Day 164

Another day in Santorini means another day of rest and relaxation. Honestly, it is so hot here right now that during the daytime hours it’s virtually impossible to do anything remotely enjoyable unless you are in spitting distance of some water to jump into. Our ferry to Crete didn’t leave until 5:00, so we had the day to pack up and sit by our hotel pool. Oh, and jump in, of course. These cute little birdies were also enjoying the pool.
Our ferry to Crete left Santorini over half an hour late, then (for some reason) got in over an hour late so we got to the port at around 9:00. We had ordered a taxi via our hotel so we had a guy waiting with a sign with my name on it. I love that, it makes me feel famous. Ha! So, we’re driving with George (everyone seems to be named George here) the owner of a fleet of 10 Mercedes cabs. He’s the man, and is telling us all about what we should do while we’re in town. We’re staying in a small village right near Hersonissos called Koutouloufari. He tells us that there is this club called New York Club that’s the best in town. Most of the people there are under 30 except for Thursday nights… that’s the night when most of the people are (gasp!) over 30!!! He wanted us to have fun and not have to hang out with the old folks, if only he knew the truth… we didn’t tell. Yes, he got a good tip!
~ ~ ~
We originally were going to rent a car here but decided it might not be a good idea to try and figure out where we’re going in the dark in a land where you are SUPPOSED to drive on the shoulder of the highway to allow the other cars to pass you. At high speeds. When there’s already the fast lane, and the slow lane. Yup, a cab was a good idea. So, as we’re driving through Heraklion, someone pulls up and starts shouting at George, and he rolls down the window and starts talking to this guy… it’s his friend and they’re having this yelling conversation from their car windows as they’re driving down the road. It seems that George owes this guy money for some leather car seats that he installed in his Smart Car, and they haven’t been able to connect. While we were sitting at the traffic light, George was going to try and throw the cash out the window to the guy, but the light changed so they pulled over (finally) to do a little deal on the side of the road.It was comedy gold. And talking on you cell phone while driving? Must be legal here still because at one point George was talking on TWO cell phones at the same time. I’m feeling kind of lucky to be alive right now, actually…it was a nice, plush ride though in the Benz!
~ ~ ~
On the way to our hotel, we passed an area that had loads of fur shops. George told us that it’s for the Russian market (apparently there’s a large Russian population here as well) and that there were over 30 shops in Hersonissos alone. They buy the furs overseas and do the sewing here in Crete.
This is the cat of the day! I didn’t get a photo of a cat today so I used this one of a cute kitty from Mykonos. We’re naming him George in honour of all the George’s in Greece!


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  1. Anonymous September 19, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    Oh Andrea, you actually did meet George!!!!
    love mom

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