Seville, Spain Day 23

I have to be honest. I got to Seville today at about 2:00, and I chose sleep over exploration. I was so tired! I went to bed at about 1 am last night (with 3 glasses of red wine in me!) and had to get up at 5:30 to catch the bus to Seville. I sort of slept on the bus, but was mostly just doing the head nod thing that always wakes me up. So, I get to my hotel thinking I’m just going to have a little rest, then get myself sorted and head out. Well, my rest turned into a 5 hour nap. It’s OK, I’m listening to my body and letting it tell me what to do. I was looking for a place to see some flamenco tomorrow night and they had some nice guitar music on their website, so I just left that on and sailed away to dreamland. The Spanish have siestas, why shouldn’t I? I woke up at about 9:30and was STARVING! See my “40 things” tab to see what I did when I finally went out into the world…
So, in light of the fact that I have no photos of my non-day, I thought I’d share my favourite ways to entertain myself while on the road and waiting in train stations. I do love my iphone, but it gave me quite a scare today. I only like my technology when it works, so when it stops working for no reason, it puts me into a panic. My phone just went dead. Wouldn’t turn on, just a dead black screen, I didn’t do anything to it, it just decided to screw with me, bad phone. The reason I bring up the iphone is that it is my entertainment hub. Without it, I have to pull out my netbook and it’s just not the same. I googled how to fix it and it actually worked (miracle of all miracles!) so I’m back in business. Just don’t ever scare me like again you little b*stard!
~ ~ ~
The Debaters. This is a CBC radio show that I’ve only discovered in the past year. How is it I’ve never heard of it, as they are on season 5?!? Each season costs 11.99 on itunes, but in my opinion well worth it, as it is HILARIOUS! The basic premise of the show is 2 comedians debate hot topics in the Canadian news, and the audience votes by applause. It is rare that I laugh out loud listening to the radio, but this is some seriosuly good sh*t. Shawn Majumbder is the host, and he alone is funny, let alone the other comedians they bring on. It’s on CBC TV as well now, but the first episode aired the day I left for this trip, so I hope someone out there is watching it so it’ll still be on when I get back!
 The Moth Podcast. I know I talked about The Moth in a previous post. It is an amazing podcast, I seriously want to see if I can bring The Moth to Canada somehow. I love hearing stories and telling stories. I love that expression, It’s either a good time or a good story. And it’s so true! Most of the stories are funny, but occasionally there is a sad one that rips your heart in two. So there I am, sitting on a train in France listening to the saddest story told by a comedian who lost his 2 year old daughter to cancer as his star was rising as a comedian getting appearances on the Johnny Carson show. I’m sitting there, tears rolling down my face, trying to look somewhat normal, but man…what a story. This is what I love though. Real life honest accounts. Being human. It’s a very inspiring podcast, I just wish they had more episodes available than one a week!
The Q Podcast. This podcast is usually about an hour long and it’s the highlights from the Q radio show on CBC every day. I never run out of Q podcasts to listen to, because they are so prolific! I love Jian, listening to him cheers me up when I’m feeling very far away from home and alone. The show is about arts, culture, music and books for the most part, but there is also a little sports and politics thrown in every now and then. I’ve learned about countless new bands, books and websites to check out by listening to this show.


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  1. Michele May 8, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

    OK, have bookmarked The Moth and will begin downloading podcasts immediately. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Andrea May 11, 2011 at 3:57 pm #

    The Moth has changed my life. LOVE it! So inspiring.

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