Snacks and supplies.

I just had to share my super cute picnic bag with you all. I’m quite enamored with it myself! I’ll be eating on the go a lot, and why not do it in style? The bag with the apples on it is a great little invention from a small company in the states. It’s a reusable sandwich bag that is washable. Dishwasher safe even! I got the little salt and pepper shaker and spork at Mountain Co-Op, and a corkscrew and beer openerĀ is essential equipment when in Europe, wouldn’t you say?
I couldn’t leave home without some art supplies. What if inspiration strikes? Um, hello, I’m in Europe! Inspiration is waiting behind every corner, just ready to pounce! I bought the Moleskin sketchbook which will be a combination sketch/scrap book. I wanted a place to tack in all of my little scraps and souvenirs while I’m on the go.


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