Sometimes things have a way of just coming together

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I last posted. It wasn’t deliberate, but it wasn’t entirely by accident either. I have so many posts in my head from this summer that I want to write. I took photo’s and video’s at festivals and markets and did the slow food cycle in Pemberton but just haven’t had the energy or mojo to post. There IS a very good reason for that, and that reason is a break up. 


This was me freezing my a*s off in Switzerland, but sort of sums up how I’ve felt in the past 6 months..

Without going into too much detail I’ll just say that in late July I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years. While it was a fairly amicable split, breaking up really IS hard to do, even when you know it’s the right thing for you both. We’re still living in the same apartment for the next 2  weeks, and that’s not easy, especially when you’re ready to just get on with things. October 1 will bring just that for us both!

In other news… on Sept. 24 I will be going back to school! I haven’t been in school since 1995 when I graduated from VCC in the Jewellery Art & Design Program. This time around I’m doing a quick and dirty 9 week course called Digital Communications at SFU (Simon Fraser University.)


I think Turkey was where I felt the most alive I’ve ever felt. Such an exciting country…

Do you want to know a secret? I gave myself a 2 year deadline. If I didn’t have my shit figured out by now I’d concede and just get a J-O-B. Not sure what that job would be but something with security and benefits and whatever. But that doesn’t sound all that exciting now, does it? Hells NO!

I’ve decided that I LIKE living an unconventional life. I don’t need a regular 9-5 gig. From my explorations in the past 2 years I’ve discovered that I can cobble together a living from making art, teaching art and by dabbling a little in travel writing. Am I rich? Um, NO, but I am starting to see that money is obviously important, but it’s not THE MOST important thing. I need to find a balance between life satisfaction and making enough to live the life I want.

Once I get my certificate in Digital Communications I’ll be able to add social media, SEO and other internet marketing skills to the list. What I like most about the prospect of getting into this industry is that it’s something I could potentially do from anywhere in the world. If I want to go to Paris for a month I could still work so long as I have an internet connection. That is WAY cool. AND I really want to go to Paris for a month. And Istanbul. And Barcelona. And… and….and…

Doing the farmers markets this summer has taught me a lot too. Not only was I selling my own stuff, but I got a job working for The Granola King selling his granola, nut butters and pie. It’s a good day when you’re selling pie to people. Pie seems to make people happy. Even the gluten-free people could be happy because he makes THE BEST gluten-free crust ever!



I love the markets. There’s such a great feeling of community and once you start meeting everyone you get the feeling it’s kind of like a little family. You become a “market person.” What this means is during the summer months your weekends are no longer your own. If you want to make the most of the sunny days when people are out buying fresh fruit and veggies and yes, even art and craft then you can’t afford to not work a market every weekend day that you can. I was really happy by the response to my art and will definitely be amping up my market presence next season.


After a very hard year with roller coaster bouts of emotional distress I can honestly say that at this moment I’m starting to feel that things are jelling. All of the things that I’ve been slowly chipping away at (making art, writing, blogging etc.) are starting to mesh and make sense in relation to each other. The fact that my travels ignited this fire to write and document my experiences has directly led to me to take this course at SFU. How cool is that?

And as for this blog? I love my blog. I’ve been struggling to figure out where it fits in with the gazillion other travel blogs out there. Not to mention, it hasn’t been as travel related as I’d like it to be since I got home from Europe. It’s been more of a “what the f*ck am I doing with my life?”  blog sprinkled with a little travel stuff/Vancouver stuff/recipes and gratuitous Henry photos. I hope to change that soon (very soon) but in the mean time I’ll just post whenever I get a chance and not be too worried about it. It is MY blog after all! Why let it stress me out?


Even if I never make one penny from doing this I’m so happy to be part of the travel bloggers community. I’ve met people from all over the world by chatting with them on Twitter and Facebook, meeting them in person at TBEX and connecting with them when they put a shout out when they’re in my town (or I’m in their town) and getting together for a beer. Being a blogger has opened me up to a world of people from all walks of life, and I’ve made some real friends by being part of this. That’s worth more than any amount of money in my opinion. BIG shout out to my bloggy friends! So glad to have met you in the past year! Here are some new friends (that I’ve met in the flesh) that you should check out…

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So, the long and short (of this not so short post) is that I’m happy. I’m in a good place. I’m happy with the people I’ve chosen to have in my life (and they’ve chosen me too!) I’m happy and grateful to have such an amazing family. I never doubt that I’m loved and that I belong somewhere. That is precious. That is EVERYTHING! I now know that I can survive the lowest of the lows. Like I said, it was a hard, emotional and very blue 2018 up to mid summer and I’m so thankful that I was able to claw my way out of the black hole of doom and grab the golden ring. The future looks good, and I can’t wait to see where the next chapter takes me.


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