Split, Croatia Day 56

Split is a cool city, both figuratively and literally! It has lots of great restaurants and shops and a little thing called the Diocletian’s Palace. It’s also cool because of that big beautiful ocean. I sat on a bench for no less than an hour today. First in the shade, then I got a little chilly so I moved to the sun and just soaked up that Vitamin D! I was actually starting to nod off for a while and had to rouse myself in fear of someone taking advantage and snatching my purse. I just had a good wander around the palace today and surrounding area.  This palace is not really a palace per se. It’s more of a walled city within the palace walls. It’s the world most intact remains of a Roman Palace and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. To be perfectly honest, palaces just don’t do it for me. Versailles in Paris, Doges Palace in Venice… I just find them a tad boring. The rooms are huge and the ceilings are high and yes, they are impressive. But that lifestyle isn’t what I’m interested in. I’m more interested in the way the regular people lived, not just the royalty.  So, having said all that, Diocletian’s Palace was so my kind of place, because it’s where the regular folk lived once the Romans left . When Emperor Diocletian retired to the place of his birth, he decided to build a palace, just because he could I guess! Construction started in the year 295 and lasted for about 10 years.  After the Romans abandoned it, it sit empty until the locals fled to the walled palace to escape the invading barbarians, and it’s been the bustling center of Split ever since.
 ***People must have been constantly terrified back then! The attacks, the walls! The invaders! The barbarians!  Hmmm, I guess things haven’t really changed all that much!***
I just enjoyed a slow wander kind of day. I had something for lunch called “burek.” I saw the signs for this in Slovenia and for some reason just thought it meant “burger” and didn’t think much of it. I was doing my usual “I’m starving and can’t decide what to eat” routine and walked into this place to get a drink and they asked me if I wanted some burek. It just kind of looked like mousaka, flaky phyllo pastry with meat or cheese inside. I decided to try the meat one, and it was really quite tasty! I never thought I’d say this, but I’m getting a little tired of pastry… I think I need a break. I’m desperate for salad! It’s not easy to get a good salad in Europe that doesn’t cost a fortune. I bought a yellow pepper today and ate it like an apple, that is how in need of fruit and veg I am!
Just WHAT does this ad mean? It was a giant billboard on a building, and either I’m totally out of touch, or something was lost in translation…
One of the entrances to Diocletian’s Palace.
The cats always find the best places to sit!
This is the view of the outside palace walls from the ocean side. The entire palace is walled, and has 4 gates to get inside.
Beautiful olive oil store.
It’s good luck to rub this statue’s giant big toe, so of course I did! I need all the luck I can get! The statue is by the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. He is renowned for being the only living sculptor to have a one man show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.
This little guy was perched on a windowsill of a cafe waiting for his owner to return… I of course had to take advantage of a little puppy love.


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