Split, Croatia Day 57

Today was a chill day. I took my time getting up this morning and didn’t really get my day started until noon when I had to check out of my hotel and store my bags at the train station for the day. My ship didn’t leave until 8:30 that night so I still had a good part of the day to do… something. I wasn’t really sure what that was though! There are so many little islands of the coast of Croatia, so I just went to the ticket desk and told her that I wanted to do a day trip and be back by 7:00 so she recommended the island of Brac which is just a 50 minute ferry ride away. Brac is a beach haven. You really need a car or scooter to get to anyplace else on the island, so I just hung around the main village called Supetar.  It was really pretty but there wasn’t all that much to do, which was just fine with me. It was another scorcher, and all I wanted to do was sit by the water and enjoy the peace and quiet. Someone in town  told me in 2 weeks the place would be a zoo, but right now it’s as quiet as can be.  I had a gelato (pistachio and chocolate!) and had my first little sit down. Then I walked to the point where there’s a cemetery, a mausoleum and the ruins of the Roman Villa Rusticae. I saw my fair share of Speedo bathing suits as well. That is a trend I’m glad has not caught on in North America. TMI!
     View of Split Harbour.
View of Brac.
Paddle boats with slides! How fun is that?
The mausoleum and small church on the point.
I spent 45 minutes dipping my toes in the Adriatic, and it was bliss. The water was cold, but not too cold. I wish I had brought my bathing suit with me today, I could have used it! The water is such a beautiful colour, clear, clean and begging for you to dive in, but just putting my feet in cooled me off enough.
Church of the Annunciation in Brac.
Random… Martin Sheen dedicated this statue of Mother Theresa in 1992.
I wanted to have a decent meal before I got on the boat tonight, so I stopped at one of the seaside restaurants on the way back to the ferry port. I have to say, I had one of the best steaks I’ve had in a very long while! It was cooked to perfection, tender, juicy and had herb and garlic butter spread on it. Oh, it was so very good! I’ve been eating kind of crappy lately… snacking, grazing, substituting dinner with gelato (is that so wrong?) and not necessarily eating real meals per se.  I was really craving some protein, so when I saw the steak on the menu my mouth started watering. Now I can resume the foraging… it’s so easy to eat like that in Italy, where I am currently on a boat and headed for!
                                        My beach side patio view, sipping a nice, cold one.
I’m a very happy girl right now.
On another note, my accommodation in Ribe, Denmark was cancelled on me, and it’s a funny little town with VERY expensive hotels and B&B’s, so I was at a loss of where to stay when my friend Judi reminded me about couch surfing. This is a website where you create a profile and you can search for people who have a couch or spare room that they are willing to let you stay in for free. It sounds dodgy when you first hear about it, but once you go and check out the site, you see that what it really is is a community of like-minded people who love travel and culture and want to share their city (and their couch) with fellow travelers. I narrowed my search to females (couples are fine too) 26 and over. I’ve sent a couple of requests, and have 2 confirmed places that I’m staying! One is in Ribe, and the other is on the island of Bornholm, also in Denmark. I feel confident that I’ll be safe in both of these places, so family, please don’t worry! What I get out of it is a locals perspective, possibly a new friend, someone to have a beer with, and at the very least someone to tell me the best things to see in their town. It’s a great concept, and I think it’s a way to bring the world a little closer together… will keep you posted!
                                                         Me on my first cruise! ( ha ha!)
OK, not only do I have to put up with visiting the most romantic places in the world alone, but now I get mocked by a sign???
Bye bye Croatia, I’ll be back…


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4 Responses to Split, Croatia Day 57

  1. Melissa Mueller June 1, 2011 at 8:33 pm #

    I’m sure there are a bunch of sex offenders and murderers rotting away in prison thinking, “Couch surfing. I wish that had been around when I was on my killing spree. I actually had to work to find my victims.” As for couples, do I need to remind you about Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka? I think you should reconsider. I did get you a Canada flag for the “old lady” you’re staying with one night however. I’m sure she keeps them as a memento of all the different travellers from around the world buried in her back yard. Your loving, and concerned, sister.

  2. Andrea June 1, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

    I feel so loved. (:
    Thanks sister… you are hilarious!

  3. Nethwen June 2, 2011 at 10:22 pm #

    If you feel safe and give yourself permission to leave at any moment things feel dodgy, then go for the couch surfing. As long as you are adamant with yourself that you have permission to walk out at any time and use your wits about leaving your luggage/valuables when you aren’t there, how is it so different from letting a man you’ve only known for a week or less drive you on a date or having drinks in a bar with strangers or staying in hostels without private, locking rooms or similar things mostly people consider to be acceptable risks? Keep your wits about you and go for it.

  4. Andrea June 5, 2011 at 10:00 am #

    Thanks Nethwen, I feel the same way! Use your wits and listen to your gut!

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