Stockholm, Sweden Day 103

I LOVE STOCKHOLM! Love it. Love at first sight. Seriously. It is fabulous! It has something for everyone; design, food, shopping, museums, viking ships. Yup, it is pretty cool. I had a sneaking suspicion I would like it here…Abba, Ikea, Swedish meatballs. What’s not to like?
But Stockholm is so much more than that. It’s a really vibrant modern city with a lot of history. It reminds me a little of Vancouver, minus the blonde’s and the viking ships… it’s definitely more multi-cultural than most of the places I’ve been. And the shopping… oh the shopping. I would have the coolest home if I lived here. Oh, and had a lot of money. Yeah, that would help! (: The shops here are like Ikea on crack. So much great design. You can buy a cute gadget for whatever purpose you need. It kind of reminds me a bit of Japanese design as well in that everything is packaged so nicely and is so functional, yet beautiful.
I wanted to go to the Ostermalms Saluhal covered market first because it’s closed on Sunday. It’s  nice little market with the usual stuff, like produce, meat, cheese and baked goods. there are also a couple of nice restaurants in there, selling mostly seafood, I think. I say “I think” because A.) I couldn’t read the menu and B.) I couldn’t afford the menu, but from what I saw on the tables it looked like a lot of prawns, fish, lobster and crab. WHY do I have to like the expensive stuff? I’ve now had two grocery store dinners in a row (well, I should say it’s a really nice grocery store.) Tonight I had an open faced sandwich with shrimp. It cost the equivalent of about $18.00 CDN. Ouch. It did have a lot of shrimp on it but  still. What would that have cost in a restaurant? A lot more, that is for certain!

I found this beautiful little shop filled with handmade goods from Sweden. I could have done some damage in here (oh how I love the handmade good!) but I restrained myself.

Like, I so easily could have purchased one of these wiener dog stuffies, for no other reason than the fact that they delighted me. But, logic and reason gave me a shake and I held strong. Oh, and the fact that it would have cost me over $150 CDN.

Clogs are still a very big deal in Sweden. I think these gold ones might have been worn by the ABBA chickies…

Love this patio furniture! Just need a patio.

The welcome sign for the Royal Palace. The Swedes are REALLY into their royal family.

I always feel so sorry for these guys. Having to stand there for hours on end while people stare at them endlessly and take their picture. My idea of hell.

Gamla stan AKA Old town Stockholm. It’s on the island of Stadsholmen, which you can get to by walking over a bridge. The town is the oldest part of Stockholm and dates back to the 13th century. I liked it, but it’s pretty over run with tourists and most of the shops there seem to sell the tacky souvenirs and junky stuff. I really enjoyed sitting in Stortorget Square and listening to a guitar player for about 1/2 an hour. The sun had come out (after being misty all day and threatening rain) and I wasn’t the only one enjoying the few rays that fought their way through the clouds.

One of the non-touristy shops in Gamla stan. A dangerous place for me… I’ll post a photo of what I bought there in a later post. It might show up in random photos actually!

This is Stortoget Square. It is surrounded by old merchants’ houses, Stockholm Cathedral and the Nobel Museum. This is also the site of the Stockholm bloodbath where Swedish noblemen were massacred by the Danish King Christian II in 1520.

Nobel Museum.

I watched as this kid pulled in a really nice sized fish. He was so excited, and when he saw I was taking a picture he totally started posing for me. I remember that feeling so well from when I was a kid fishing with my dad. We never really caught anything edible, but that feeling when you hook one on your line, it doesn’t really get much better than that!

Statue guarding the bridge across to Gamla stan.


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2 Responses to Stockholm, Sweden Day 103

  1. Michele July 17, 2011 at 12:30 pm #

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying Stockholm! It looks beautiful—I can’t wait to see it for myself one day. Something tells me I will totally dig the shopping…

    We’ll definitely visit Oslo the next time you’re here. We’ll stay in a hotel! 🙂

  2. Andrea July 31, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

    You would love Stockholm Michele. Such a vibrant city, and so much I didn’t have time to do! And Oslo is a must for next time!

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