Survival Kit

My friends Christine and Rob gave me this great travel survival kit for my pending departure. It’s incredible how much stuff you need for 6 months away. The packing is the hardest part, for sure! I know I can buy (almost) whatever I need over there, but I’d like to start off at least somewhat prepared! I don’t wear a lot of make up, so that saves some space. It’ll be spring and summer while I’m there, so I won’t need a hairdryer. And the clothes… how do I choose the clothes? My usual M.O. is to just take anything I think I might need, then not wear half of it. Can’t do that here. You should see the size of my bag, it’s definitely not big. But, the trade off is not having to lug a giant albatross around for 6 months, and that, my friends is worth it!


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