The Twitter Update Part 3 and my SCARF obsession.

OK, this will most likely be my last Twitter update. After 4 months and almost 750 followers, I feel like I’ve broken through the “Twittersphere.” I’m getting more responses to tweets, I’m joining in chats and some true connections are starting to form. You really DO have to stick with it for more than 2 weeks to see the results.At the end of the day, it’s something I look forward to. To see what’s going on in the Twitter world, who’s responded to my tweets and see where in the world everyone is. I’m not going to lie, it can be hard seeing people’s tweets from all over the world (green eyed monster anyone?) traveling and seeing new things but it inspires me more than anything else.

I love to read about what other travelers are doing, and add more things to my bucket list. I think I should call it a barrel list, because it’s growing much too large to be contained by a mere bucket! Preferably a beer barrel please! (:

It’s been a busy month of camping, working and just soaking up the BEAUTIFUL Vancouver September. It has been so warm, sunny and spectacular. June can go suck an egg, thank you very much! September is the new bomb!

But I can feel Fall right around the corner. I love Fall, it’s my favorite time of the year. Cosy sweaters, going for walks and hearing the leaves crackling under foot, fires in my parents wood-burning fireplace… and scarves! I’m a scarf addict! While traveling in Europe last year I bought a grand total of five scarves!  I had already brought two with me, got two for my birthday from my relatives in Germany, so I was carting around a lot of neckwear. It was seriously the only thing making my wardrobe feel interesting though. When you travel for more than 3 weeks, you have no choice but to limit the clothes, and a scarf is the best way to dress yourself up!
Scarf #1 that I brought from home. It’s a handmade beauty that I got from a great designer at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. This is near Windsor Castle in England.


As you can see, it would come in handy if you wanted to become a bandito, or if your face was frozen like mine was while hiking in Switzerland.
This is the scarf  #2. My friend Sally gave it to me before I left. Pretty and pink! (Oh, and it has butterflies on it!) This was in Delos, Greece.
This is scarf #3. I bought it in Paris from this store that seemed to sell Chinese imports. Still, it IS from Paris! (: I was biking around the island of Oland in Sweden here.
And as you can see, in hot weather a scarf doubles as a head scarf, and a sweat rag, for lack of a better word. I sweat, and if I don’t have something to mop off with, I get a little panicky. It was over 38 degrees on this day, I look kind of melty. This was in Turkey somewhere…
I’m just adding this picture because that beer was so good I wanted to remember it again. Bruges, Belgium.
This is scarf #4! I bought it in Dinan, France. This photo was in Lagos, Portugal.
Here is scarf #5, bought somewhere in Spain from a very surly, rude salesperson, if I remember correctly. I was about to go see the Alhambra here.

This is scarf # 6, that I got from Karin and Manfred (my German relatives) for my birthday. I was kissing a gnome on International Kissing Day in Germany!

This is scarf #7, another gift from Karin and Manfred. Karin was teaching me to Nordic walk in the woods near their house in Germany.
This is scarf #8. I bought it (on sale!) in Stockholm, Sweden. This photo was taken on the same day in Stockholm!
Scarf #9! The last, but not the least. I bought this one is Istanbul at the Grand Bazaar. It is cashmere and feels like heaven!
What I love about Europe is that the men aren’t afraid to wear a pink paisley scarf. They ROCK the scarf there! North American men? Don’t be afraid of the scarf!


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6 Responses to The Twitter Update Part 3 and my SCARF obsession.

  1. abbytegnelia September 24, 2012 at 1:21 am #

    Henry looks awesome!! I obsessed with my dogs. I love the name of your blog — I also often feel like I am living my life in reverse. I just wasn’t clever enough to ever think of it that way!

    • My name is Andrea September 25, 2012 at 4:48 am #

      Henry is pretty awesome, I must say! A bit of a brat, but his cuteness gets him out of trouble! What kind of dogs do you have? And yes, I truly am living my life in reverse right now. If only I could reverse age… (:

  2. Michele September 28, 2012 at 9:56 am #

    I’m late reading this post but it couldn’t be more timely for me, as I’m sorting out yarn to start knitting a scarf or two or three. These pictures of you are fabulous. I think you should add a footnote that it’s obvious you love beer as much as you love scarves.

    I have to say I do like a nice woolen scarf on a man in the winter but I have to say no to the paisley. I might be too North American. :-p

    • My name is Andrea October 6, 2012 at 1:01 am #

      I suck at knitting…. I leave that to the experts! The paisley *might* be a bit affected for a man…. but on a nice Italian man? They can pull it off somehow!

  3. Anonymous October 8, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    I do like the green scarf, the colour is perfect. I dont have green scarves for some reason – perhaps shops dont sell them as much. I have however today had a bit of luck on amazingly one of the scarves is price glitched and lower than it should be. The red one. So looking forward to getting a pure silk scarf. Have always fascinated at Hermes and now feel I am going to get some in that gendre.

    • My name is Andrea October 10, 2012 at 4:50 pm #

      Get that scarf! It’s sounds beautiful! I love silk too…so soft and luxurious!

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