There is no such thing as a free lunch in Siena, Italy.

This is a story about my day in Siena. I had already been in Italy for a couple of weeks but this guy took the cake for being the most, er, forward shall we say?

Story below under the photos…

Street in Siena, Italy.
Beautiful streets of Siena.
De Miccoli in Siena, Italy.
Clearly this place is all about the sausage, smoked meat and PORK!

Pizzicheria in Siena, Italy.

A photo of red wine, cheese and salami in Siena, Italy.
My lovely “free” lunch.
A photo of biscotti, brandy and apricot jam in Siena, Italy.
And dessert.
Me and Antonio in Siena, Italy.
Me and Antonio. You’ve got to love the body language here!
Window scene in Siena, Italy.
So pretty in Siena.
Stuffed wild boar on storefront in Siena, Italy.
Wild boar. Baby boar. Yummy sausage.
Ceramic Italian plates in Siena, Italy.
Wanted one but didn’t want to lug it around for another 3 months.

All I really wanted was a sausage. The last time I was in Tuscany I had the most delicious wild boar prosciutto and I was intent on having some again. I took the train from Florence to Siena for a day trip; I just wanted to take it easy and not do much of anything except wander and explore the hilly and winding streets.

I was getting hungry for lunch so I poked my head into this little place that looked interesting from the outside. It was small and dark and bustling with people waiting to order sandwiches, cheese and salami. As soon as I walked in this large man with a big red moustache came up and asked (in his distinctive Italian accent) if I’d like some wine, red or white? Red please!

As I’m looking in the display case sipping my wine a cutting board suddenly appeared on the counter before me with some focaccia bread, pecorino cheese and salami on it. He gestured that it was for me. OK, not sure how things work in this place, but when someone puts my favourite foods in front of me I don’t ask questions. As I’m standing there sipping and nibbling, I’m starting to realise that I’m the only one in the shop with this cutting board situation. My wine glass is refilled and I notice that more things are being added to the board when I’m not looking. Suddenly there are some olives, then a different kind of pecorino (this time with black truffles) some chilli sauce, more bread and another type of salami.

It was only 2:00 in the afternoon and I was feeling a little buzzed from the wine. I decided it was time to purchase my prosciutto and go. I guess it looked like I was going to leave to Antonio (big red moustache man) as well, because suddenly a new cutting board appeared with a small dish of jam, fresh figs and home made biscotti. I still had no idea if this was free or not, but I’d started to suspect that Antonio was trying to keep me around for as long as possible. My suspicions were confirmed when he suddenly leaned over the counter and whispered in my ear, “I like you, you sexy.” I raised my eyebrows and kind of rolled my eyes.

As I was ordering my prosciutto he came around to the front and was pretending to clean the display case near me. As he got closer he suddenly leaned his head towards me and tried to kiss me! OK, I like good service as much as the next gal but this just * might* be a little much. Like, WAY too much! As I paid for my prosciutto and was starting to leave the shop he rushed over to stop me before I left, his last ditch attempt. He asked, “Your breasts, are they all natural?”

I think it’s fitting that the sausage I bought was mouldy by the time I went to ship it back home 2 weeks later. Lesson learned? There is no such thing as a free lunch.



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2 Responses to There is no such thing as a free lunch in Siena, Italy.

  1. Ginger BlogMan June 26, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

    I do miss Italy. The food, the people, the sun, the food. Have you ever been to Urbino? Italy’s best kept secret. A must. Hopefully soon I will be back. Once I finally get a job again.

  2. My name is Andrea June 26, 2012 at 10:20 pm #

    The food. Yes. SO good! Never even heard of Urbino. Or have I? I don’t, it sounds vaguely familiar… Will check it out on my next jaunt. Once I save enough from MY job… (:

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