Train Day! Zagreb to Split, Croatia Day 55

I was on the train today for 6 hours. 6 long hours. The route from Zagreb to Split is quite twisty, so for the first time this trip I needed my Gravol. My stomach was lurching all over the place, plus I was facing backwards which is never a good thing when you’re nauseous. So I changed seats and had my Gravol (thanks Christine and Rob!) and felt much better! The views of the landscape were just beautiful. Croatia is very lush and green, with rolling hills and a few slightly larger mountains. As you get closer to Split is starts to level out a bit and the vegetation gets more sparse and arid, but it’s BREEZY here because it’s on the ocean. It’s hot, but so long as there’s a bit of a breeze it’s all good!
I had a nice last few hours in Zagreb. I made a small purchase in an antique store, and the owners were so nice that they offered to take me on a little driving tour of Zagreb and then drop me at the train station. It’s always so nice to get a locals perspective, and they had a really cute little Fiat to zip around in too! Can you still buy Fiat’s in North America? I don’t think so… they’re still alive and strong in Europe though!
The first few weeks of this trip I barely read at all… I only brought one book with me and was trying to make it last… but that is so not me. When I get into a book I want to consume it as quickly as possible. Not because I want to read it quickly, but because I want to see what happens next! I started out with Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I’m not a big crier, but I actually had tears rolling down my face at the point of the book where she and Mr. Rochester declare their love for each other. It’s astounding how much passion can be conveyed by the written word!
I just finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I devoured this one in 3 days, I just couldn’t put it down! As I was reading it I was thinking what a great movie this would make, and tried to imagine who I thought would play the parts. Then when I went to get the book jacket image to put on the blog, lo and behold, I find the movie has already been made and is probably being released soon. For all I know it’s already in the theatres, I’m so out of touch with normal life right now!
Once I finished that, I started to nose around for an English bookstore so I could find something else to read. In Lucerne I bought a book of Roald Dahl stories called Tales of the Unexpected.  Most people know him best as the famous children’s author who wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but his adult work is very different. This is a collection of twisted tales that are dark, a little macabre with a twist of irony.
In Ljubljana I found this funny little shop that sold Penguin Classics for 2.59 euro. I got Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park and Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. I would have bought more, but this packhorse can’t handle any more weight… I’ve never read any Jane Austen before, which is clearly insane for such a voracious reader like myself, so I’m starting with her!
I don’t know what it is, but ads like this drive me crazy! When you really stop and look at them, don’t they just look silly? I was listening to an interview on the Q podcast about celebrity endorsements and their gaining popularity, and what the guy said was people are more likely to buy something if a friend recommends it to them. Because we see celebrities on TV and movies, we become familiar with them and it has the same effect of feeling like we’re buying something from a trusted friend. But no, it’s just because they got paid a gazillion dollars to look goofy putting a bottle of perfume in their mouth or posing with lions without laughing out loud!


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