Trieste, Italy Day 49

OK, you knew it had to happen eventually. I’ve been waiting and wondering when. I’ve been so excited and enthusiastic about pretty well everywhere I’ve been, I was starting to wonder when I would get somewhere and be less than enthralled. To be fair, it’s pretty tough to follow the gloriousness of Venice. Almost anyplace is going to pale in comparison.  And it’s hot. Very hot, like 27 degrees but feels like 45 (well, to me anyways.) I don’t like the heat. A nice 22 or 23, that suits me just fine, but when it starts creeping up towards 30, I only like it if I have a body of water to jump into whenever I feel like it. I’m starting to doubt my decision to go to Turkey in August (HA!) So, having said all that, I’m not sure if my lack of enthusiasm about Trieste is about Trieste, or the other circumstances.  I got here at 1:00, and was so hot and tired that I just stayed in my room and rested and read and napped. Plus, I was treated to a free violin concert by someone who lives in the neighbourhood and was practicing and it lulled me into a wonderful nap…I have to remember on a trip like this that it’s OK to give myself a day off every now and then.
 It’s James Joyce himself!
The main square.
Lots of stray cats around Trieste…
So, at around 6:30 I ventured out thinking it might be cooler as evening approached. NOPE! Just as blazing hot. I got a raspberry gelato and that was probably the best part of my day. I walked around, and frankly didn’t really find much of interest. There’s not much of a historical city center, and the biggest claim to fame seems to be that James Joyce once lived here and completed his novel Ulysses. I did stumble across a Roman Theatre that was uncovered in the 1930’s, but after seeing the Roman Theatre in Verona, I was just kind of meh about it, you know? I know, suddenly I’m getting picky about the two thousand year old things I want to see! But after being here for almost 2 months, it’s true… I’ve seen so many churches and ruins, it takes something either really monumental or really different to impress me at this point, or make me want to bother to seek it out. At the very beginning of my trip, any old church from the 12th century would do, but now? I need more.
I want this car!
This is my last day in Italy for a week, so here are a few of my random thoughts…
-Why manpri’s? I like a man who can rock a nice scarf; I can even handle a man purse, but please stick to the long shorts guys, and leave the capri pants to the ladies.
-I’ve seen many little boys (like, 6 years old) with their ear pierced… is it just me or is that kind of odd? I know they pierce baby girls ears when they’re newborn, but the boys? Maybe it’s a new thing…
-When you order a cappuccino or latte at most café’s you get a little biscuit with it.
-If you go to a bar/restaurant and want a drink and a snack, chips, olives and peanuts is what I see almost everyone has on their table. Heck, for me that sounds like dinner some nights!
-I’ve had to learn the fine art of ignoring. Ignore the people begging for money. Ignore the street vendors begging you to buy their stuff, and ignore the men who think they’ll actually get a woman by leering at her in a creepy, gross way. I’m a pro at this point.
I’m sitting and writing this right now (the day after )sitting on a little patio (in the shade, and in a breeze zone!) in the main square of Trieste, and I have to say, after a good night’s sleep, a café latte and strawberry crepe, I’m feeling more upbeat about Trieste. I’m sure it has things to offer, but Venice tapped my energy and I need to recharge because I get on the bus today for Ljubljana, and I want to be energized for that.  You can only do so much before you crash and burn and I think I reached that point yesterday. Now, to go see if I can find some cooler clothes, my black dress is killing me!


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2 Responses to Trieste, Italy Day 49

  1. Michele June 3, 2011 at 9:46 pm #

    I’m behind on your posts but am catching up now. Three things: 1) Huge bummer about all of the stray cats. Europeans do not take good care of their cats and it pisses me off. 2) OMG, so with you on the manpris! They’re super popular here, though, so I’ve grown to almost accept them as a fashion choice. 3) You totally deserve a day off once in a while! Traveling is hard work. 🙂

  2. Andrea June 5, 2011 at 10:05 am #

    Guys in Canada where the manpris too… so awful! Just too femme for my liking!

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