Venice, Italy Day 48

Venice, I feel like I’m leaving you too early. There’s too much to see, and just not enough time. All I keep thinking as I’m walking around is that every person in the world has to see Venice before they die. Seriously people, put it on your bucket list. It’s magical. I can’t really properly describe it, you need to be here, feel what I’m talking about. It draws you in, and makes you want to stay, and makes you want to come back as soon as you’ve left. I’ve met so many nice people here as well! Yesterday I met an American woman working in Italy for a few weeks, a family from San Antonio who used to live in Vancouver for work, a couple from Washington DC who I more or less had dinner with tonight (they were sitting across from me and we chatted throughout dinner) a group of people from Richmond, BC who were getting on a cruise ship headed for Greece and Turkey, and a nice family from Alberta who were traveling throughout Europe in an RV. I’m getting a lot better at chatting people up. Either my need for human contact is getting stronger, or I’m just getting ballsier… who knows!
~ ~ ~
I got up at the crack of 9:00 and headed to Murano, the glass island. I wasn’t really expecting that much, because I’d been told it’s just a bunch of glass factories and was busy, touristy etc. I really liked it, but that might have been because I found my dream store there… it’s a shop of mosaic glass tiles and millefiore glass tube bits. I really had to restrain myself. I just couldn’t pile 4 lbs of glass bits for a future craft project in my suitcase, so I selected a few in each colour and will send them home with Paul (pretty please?) I walked around for about an hour and a half and had a gelato that was beyond delicious. Amaretto. Oh my lordy! Little cookie bits and real amaretto flavour. Yum!
This is the glass sculpture that greets you when you get off the vaporetto in Faro, Murano.
This is a rather incredible piece right in the center of town.
As soon as I saw these boards of tile samples in the window I knew I was in trouble.
Yummy colour, sparkly glass!
An amazing glass orchestra. Tiny, like maybe an inch high?
I really appreciated these signs, because there are a lot of junky souvenir shops selling knock offs, so the shops that are selling true Murano glass have to be not so subtle abut the fact that theirs is the real deal.
Much better than the previous model, the Andrea 1000.
View from the boat. Ciao Murano!
I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner, but I bought a hat today. No, not THIS hat, but since I was buying a hat from this guy I asked him to take a picture of me wearing this ridiculous thing. I don’t know what it is, it just cracks me up! It says Venice across the band at the top. COOL! I just bought a floppy hat with a rim because I’m getting headaches from squinting and no matter how much sunscreen I put on, I just sweat it off.
This is the kind of thing you see on the side of a building. I’m not sure what it means or signifies, but isn’t it beautiful?
More masks…
I found a great little pastry shop for breakfast this morning off the main drag. It was a total mom and pop shop. To be more accurate, it was a grandma and grandpop shop. They spoke no English and had some Venetian specialties. I had a pastry that had tomatoes and cheese in the center, it was kind of a cross between a pizza and a croissant. Then I tried this thing that looked like a ball of chocolate, but it was some sort of almond paste inside with little chunks of dried apricot inside it. Not my cup of tea, but you win some and you lose some… the pizza pastry was good though!
I went to the Museo Correr and Museo Archeologico when I got back to St. Marks Square from Murano. No photos allowed in there, so I have nada, but it was a wonderful museum of Roman antiquities and paintings by famous Venetians. I was thinking today as I was walking the museum, “How many paintings of Mary and the baby Jesus have I seen in the past month and a half?” I think it must be over 100, and I’m not exaggerating! Some are exceptionally beautiful, and some are plain ugly. In some, Mary is depicted larger than life, and Jesus is tiny. And in others the reverse is true. Sometimes the baby is skinny, and in some he’s fat. Mary is almost always beautiful (in her own ethereal way.) It’s funny visiting these monumental museums. I feel bad just breezing through certain sections of the gallery, but the rate of burnout and over saturation is high because of the sheer quantity of work to see. I just try to focus on the things that make me stop short when I see them, and the things I have come especially to see. You just can’t put the same amount of attention and energy on each piece, it’s just too much…
~ ~ ~
Check the graffiti tab… I’ve added Venice….
This is the church where I saw the Vivali concert last night. Check the “40 Things” tab for more info!
My Pinocchio obsession won’t be ending soon…
You too, can look just like a gondolier! I think only children and real gondoliers can get away with this look, but that’s just my 2 cents.
How AMAZING would this show be?
My last evening walk around Venezia… I had dinner at a great place recommended by my hotel. It was hard to find (a good sign!) in a little alley away from the main squares. I haven’t had a good salad in a while, so I had that and a regional dish called Bigoli in salsa, which was spaghetti with anchovy and onions. It went deliciously well with a glass of house red, and for 16 euro I had a great meal and great conversation with the nice couple across from me.


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  1. Michele May 25, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

    Okay, you’ve totally sold me on Venice! To be honest, I’ve shied away from planning a trip there because I’ve heard more than a few people complain about the prices and the crowds, but your photos and your affection for the city have made me change my mind. Now I absolutely want to go. Maybe in the fall, when it’s cooler? 🙂

  2. Andrea June 1, 2011 at 10:08 pm #

    It is busy Michele, but once you get away from the heavy tourist area’s it’s not that bad! If it were me I’d go mid to late Septemeber!

  3. Hotel Venice Airport June 28, 2011 at 8:35 am #

    Winter is to cold (Still if you want to see the famous carnival than it is February the time to schedule your trip; Summer is to hot and humid in Venice; If you would ask me i would say that spring is the best time to pay a visit to this fascinating city, still autumn isn’t bad time also. Andrea i was really fascinated reading “About Me” it’s nice to see that people are accomplishing their dreams and goals. I wish you luck and best regards! Enjoy your further trips and write amazing reviews !

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