Verona, Italy Day 45

Today I decided to start my day off by going and seeing the inside of the Arena. It was cool, but I’d much rather have been there to see a performance than just walk around in the blazing heat. The sound must be amazing in this place. It’s impressive just in it’s sheer size! I’ll just have to come back one day for the Shakespeare Festival. In front of the arena there’s an amazing open air market of vendors selling olives, honey, fruit and veg, cured meats and cheese. My kind of market! I wandered around for a while and decided to try and find Juliet’s balcony. To be honest, I wasn’t very excited about it, because it just seemed touristy, so suffice it to say, I didn’t find it, and I’m OK with that. It would have tarnished my love of the play a bit, I think, so all’s well that ends well. The reason I couldn’t find it was I had a really crappy-a*s map that my hotel gave me, and of course when I was unpacking in Venice I decided to pull out the maps my dad had given me, and yup, Verona was in there. Note to self, check map supply BEFORE I get to destination!
See, the men really DO wear scarves! But the men in Italy also wear very tight jeans, and brightly coloured pants! Like, bright yellow and red?!? They are NOT afraid of their feminine side, that is for sure!
I walked around the streets of Verona at a nice slow pace because it was so hot. I stopped for some gelato, because, well, I’m In Italy! My goal is to try every kind of gelato I can, and not just go for the usual suspects. I like my chocolate. Recently have become a big fan of strawberry. Lemon has been a staple for years. But I must move on. I must try new things, even though I might wind up not really liking it. So today I branched out and tried…pistachio. HOW is it I have never tried pistachio gelato before? It’s creamy, it’s nutty (but not too nutty!) and so delicioso! Later in the day (it really was hot) I had another gelato (I’ll go to the gym when I get home-hee) and it was called Crema de Juliet. I have no idea what the flavour was, but it had crunchy nutty bits and chocolate in it. The gelato might have been vanilla, but who knows!
A sort of typical looking Verona building.
The view of the other side of Verona when you cross over one of the many bridges.
I walked across the bridge to get to the Roman Theatre of Verona. It’s considered to be the most important Roman Theatre in northern Italy, and was built in the 1st century. The views from the Archaeological Museum were just stunning, and the museum itself was interesting, and had objects that had been recovered from all over Verona. Up until the 18th  century this theatre was unknown to the world. A rich Italian businessman bought a bunch of property and subsequently tore them down to do some unearthing of artifacts. This theatre is what he discovered. Now it’s a venue for outdoor summer concerts. The people here are so lucky to have this kind of history!
Great view of the river and the theatre.
The Roman version of girly magazines?
Blown glass vessels. The Romans really were amazingly inventive people.
Part of an old mosaic floor.
The inner courtyard heading into the cloisters.
The cloisters.
Frescoes covered the walls and the archways.
The Duomo, built in the 12th century on top of a pre-existing medieval church that had been flattened by an earthquake. There is an incredible painting in here by the painter Titian, but my photo just didn’t turn out so you’ll have to believe me when I say it gave me *shivers*. This is the front of the church with 2 of these dudes guarding the entrance.
I love Pinocchio! Shh, don’t tell my nephews but I bought them each a Pinocchio whistle!
This was a little church just stuck in between 2 shops on a busy street. I went in, but my shoes were making a squeaky noise against the floor and this guy was giving me the dirtiest look, so I didn’t spend much time inside.
But I did get these 2 shots…
And this one lovely statue.
The Adige River and me.
I just love the brightly coloured buildings!
There was a Marc Chagall show on while I was in town so I decided to check it out. His paintings are so juicy and colourful! I can’t believe how many of my art hero’s I’m getting to see on this trip, I’m such a lucky girl!  
So, I’m sitting at
~ ~ ~
So, I am now in Venice! I have to say, it feels really good to just settle in somewhere for a few days. I’m here 4 nights, and all I’ll have to worry about it what to eat, what to do, and how to get there without getting too frightfully lost. But in Venice getting lost is half the fun.
This is my hotel room. It’s rather green, isn’t it? The walls match the fabric of the table, chairs and curtain. It is actually quite adorable once you get over the “WOW, this is really green” thing, and the best part is there is a mini bar that is CHEAP (3 euro beers!) and I can store my own food in it. The problem when you don’t speak the language is conveying to a shop how much of something you want. I sort of accidentally bought a huge amount of peccorino cheese today, thought I’d have to eat it all in one day, but  lo and behold, here is this fridge!
Found this little plaque on one of the bridges in Venice. Thought it was fitting for my last month and a half of being in my 30’s…
Little taste of Venice… more to come tomorrow!


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