Vienna to Budapest Train Day 128

I got into Budapest at about 4:00. I needed to book my overnight train to Bucharest so I headed to the ticket sales office. This is the number they were at…
And the number I had…
A painful way to start my first day in Budapest, but it actually only took just over an hour to get served. Hard to believe considering there were over 100 people ahead of me! This Swedish couple approached me to ask what number I had and how long I had been waiting. I told them I only had 3 numbers to go and that I’d been there over an hour. They needed to be on a train in half and hour to get to Zagreb so they could catch a plane tomorrow home to Sweden They were majorly stressing out so I told them that they could pretend that we were together and try latching onto my number after I booked my train.  I wasn’t about to trade numbers with them… they were number 692 or something! So, the ticket agent let him use my number after I used I to book their tickets and they were so happy, and it made me feel so good! I’ve relied on the kindness of strangers so much on my travels so far, it felt good to be able to help someone myself!
~ ~ ~
The first things I noticed about Budapest? The train station is a lot shabbier than most. People smoke everywhere, there are no smoking bans here yet. The metro and buses are ancient, creaky and seem ready to keel over at any given minute. But what a gorgeous city! I didn’t get to my hotel until after 6:00, and I had a bunch of computer stuff to do since my hotel in Vienna had sucky wifi. I decided to re-vamp my Turkey itinerary a bit and needed to cancel hotels and book new ones, so I just stayed in and did that tonight. I’m tired and don’t really know where I am in relation to the city centre etc., so the thought of going out and doing that now wasn’t appealing either. I’m really looking forward to getting out tomorrow and seeing this city that I’ve heard so much about!


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